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How can millennial remain relevant in speeding up of automation in Information technology? What are the skills needed for remaining competitive in software field?

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RE: How can millennial remain relevant in speeding up of automation in Information technology? What are the skills needed for remaining competitive in software field?

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the two buzzwords which cannot be ignored this time around. According to the report by world economic forum, 65% of students who are in primary school may end up doing jobs which don’t even exist today. Similar kinds of perceptive but potential comments were made by Bill gates and Elon Musk. In an interview with Quartz, Bill gates proposed that there is need to tax Robots who may replace human beings.

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk also suggested that artificial intelligence has some potential to become an existential threat. But the real question is if it is coming that fast the way it is proposed? As far as the pace is concerned, we should not worry so much. This is because self-programming machines have not yet found a foot on the large scale in changing world. But this doesn’t mean that the machine learning program does not exist today.

Many programs such as Google search, Microsoft’s’ Cortana app, Apple’s Siri are based on the self-learning structures. These days, we don’t write assembly language at bit level by hand.  A long time ago we have switched to assemblers and from assemblers to more powerful compilers. Now the process is on to make these compilers more optimized. We have achieved a significant progress in these areas. So completely denying the idea of self-programming machines is not a bright thing to do.


Will the programmer in IT industry lose their Jobs for artificial intelligence?

With the advent of any technological progress, structural changes do takes place and some fields do see a considerable job loss. In the world where automated cars are rolling on the streets and robots have become capable of artificially segmenting logistics, the idea of job loss in software sector is not a myth.

But when we talk of software field, we will have to stop a bit and think in a certain way as the field itself represents a very advanced service sector. We have not yet seen a large scale job loss due to the advent of artificial intelligence. But certainly, the role of a software engineer has become more complex owing to the significant amount of changes in technology. With the advent of new language, software technologists are pushing themselves in the upper ladder. They are learning new things and experimenting with their existing skills.

New optimized tools have certainly reduced the development time for particular software. It is also that the varieties of challenges and projects have put engineers on their toes so that they are touching the peak of their capabilities. The art of remaining competitive and creative has certainly helped engineers to remain relevant in changing world. This must have been possible because of constant change and urge to learn new things.

According to the report by HFS research, a US-based think tank, there will be nearly 5 to 6 lakh job loss in Indian IT and BPO sector over the next 5 years. The Same report states that this will happen for low skilled IT employees who are working in the process based repetitive work and BPO employee whose work is getting automated at large scale. But the recent trend is quite different as suggested by Indian IT companies. Though companies like Wipro and other are releasing its employees in low skilled branches but they are also ensuring that these employees get trained for the high-skilled sector. Though the automation may force for the job loss but at the same time it will create new high-skilled jobs of the greater number.

What are the skills required by software engineers to remain relevant in increasing automation?

So again the challenge will be to catch on a high skilled job with certain skill sets. Here is the list of required skill set that an IT employee will have to catch upon.

1) Keeping updated

In the technical field, change will be the only constant thing. The first most important thing would be to keep oneself updated about every other development going on. This can be done by developing a quality of selective as well as detailed reading habit. A constant and sustained urge for knowing the new thing will sail you through.

2) Developing Multi skills

It is feared that the repetitive process based work will first to become outdated. So software testers will have to acquire new skills. They will have to work on developing skills both front end and back end.

3) Learning new software language

The employee having only one set of skill will find it hard to scale up. So learning new software languages will add on to advantages. Weekends would be a nice opportunity to add on language skills. Having knowledge about different software languages will scale up job quotient and it will help in reducing anxiety.

4) Developing a high level of expertise in core skill set.

 Being an expert in one field will add on to authority but care should be taken that the highest level of expertise should be brought in core skill. This is because for some years software companies will be interested in the person having very high level of expertise in some niche.

5) Active networking.

Networking will help in keeping updated about recent trends in the job market. In fact, it will be the most important weapon that will help in surviving changing job scenario.

6) Developing soft skills

Soft skills fill the remaining gap in one’s employability. Improving communication skills, presentation skills, adaptation and mitigation skills and lastly the team playing will help in conditioning the potential.


Millenials are defined as the people who became an adult at the start of the twenty-first century. They are naturally embedded with some skill set. The constant interaction with the internet has made them one of the smartest races of all time. On an average, a millennial consumes a vast amount of online content than his preceding generation X. This makes him adaptive and imaginative. Millenials have the ability to work for long hours with the highest level of precision. So it will not be difficult for them to survive in the technological changeover.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How can millennial remain relevant in speeding up of automation in Information technology? What are the skills needed for remaining competitive in software field?

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