How can one make a career in Agricultural Science and what are the career prospects and job opportunities therein ?

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RE: How can one make a career in Agricultural Science and what are the career prospects and job opportunities therein ?

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Agriculture being the fundamental and life-giving unit of nature which make us live on the planet earth. Humans are the ones who are directly and indirectly surviving in the planet earth, just because of the existing of the food and resources, which are the results of the agriculture. but have you ever analyse the fact that, it doesn’t seem to be so simple when one talks about the agriculture practices across the country. Since India is a unique and diverse country, with the tremendous variations all around, not only among populations but also climatically. Since the dominance of the particular soil in any of the region is due to the dominance of the climate conditions there, hence it becomes very necessary to adopt the certain coordinated and worth agricultural practices there, to maintain the nutritious, calorific and food security status of the region.

Hence, the need for the agricultural scientists or say in a very simple manner that agricultural specialist is fundamental to research, analyze, demonstrate and suggest, the farmers to adopt certain practices.

In the era of the global warming and climate change, there is a scarcity of the water all round. Thus the agricultural practices across the country are gaining the momentum towards the dryland farming, water low seeds, resilient seeds, high yielding varieties, etc. but have you ever thought about, who all provides with such innovations, they are the agricultural scientists and experts, who just explore the soil and conditions to give a model of successful agriculture.


What really is an Agriculture science?

Agricultural science is a branch of the science especially biology, which is the multidimensional approach towards the understanding of the various units of the agriculture like soil, fertilisers, seeds, yielding results, irrigation, etc and to analyse the broad social, economic and geographic issues related to the agriculture of the particular region and suggests the ways for the progressive agriculture.


How to enter in this field?

To enter in the agricultural science field, the process is very simple, one just have to pass the matriculate i.e the  12th class exam and appear in the agricultural exam to take the admission in the agricultural college, called PRE AGRICULTURE TEST (PAT).


  • BSc in agricultural science: If one crosses the hurdle of the PAT exam, then it's all set for the student to pursue the Bachelor of Science from the agriculture, i.e. the BSc (agriculture).BSc agriculture program is the 4year program in which one studies about the various subjects related to the agriculture.

Syllabus for BSc agriculture is:

  • Basic humanities and science
  • Agro-economy
  • Agro science and innovations
  • Engineering principles in agriculture
  • Entomology in agriculture
  • Microorganisms and their biology
  • Water resource management
  • Field analysis and laboratories.


  • MSc in agriculture science: If one wants to pursue the master's course in the agricultural domain then, he must choose the option for the better career. In masters, you will tackle the more specialized knowledge in the agro sector, which will give you a bright career.
  • D. in agriculture science: The doctorate level study is the highly classified degree for an individual,  opens the new arena for the jobs in such sector.
  • Diploma in agriculture science: Students just after the 10th class exam can join the diploma college, called the polytechnic college and can get the diploma in agriculture science. This diploma duration is of two years and after completing the diploma, one can join the BSc program, from the 2nd year of BSc.  One need not study the1st year of graduation if comes from the diploma background.



Top colleges in the country for BSc/MSc/Ph.D.

There are plenty of colleges in the country for the degree courses, but some of the well famed are:

  • N.K.V.V ( Jawaharlal Krishi Vidyalaya) Madhya Pradesh
  • G.A.R.I ( Indira Gandhi agro research institute) Chattisgarh
  • S.U.R(Agriculture science university), Raichur, Karnataka
  • Kashmir Krishi Vidyalaya( Sher –e-Kashmir), Srinagar, j&k
  • Syed Ahmad khan agriculture college, Lucknow
  • Ram Manohar Lohiya Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mathura, UP


Job opportunities in agricultural science

Since the agriculture is more demanding, from the consumption side also and supply side also, so a big scope lies in front of the young graduates to work in a really good platform.

Some of the trending jobs across the country are noticed as:

  • Agronomist: Agronomy is the section of the agricultural science framework which works on the application of science and technical innovations to boost the agricultural outputs and harvests yields. This is a most challenging and deserving job, as one simplifies the problems from all the enemies of the crop like pests, diseases, and weeds.


  • Soil testing specialists: Soil testing work is the most responsible work to make the agriculture a progressive entity. In this job, one determines the nature and qualities of soil, forms the reports regarding the contents of the soil, what soil bears and what not. Huge scope lies with this job both in public and private sectors.


  • Seed developer/scientist: Those who likes to engage in the work of developing high yielding varieties seeds or genetically modified seed, or pest-resistant seeds, this line gives you the plenty of opportunities to join government institutes or a big firm of seed development.


  • Pests controlling officers: This is one of the challenging and touring jobs, in which one has to tackle with the innovative and scientific methods to reduce the pests.



  • Agro researcher: Researches in the agriculture are gaining momentum in the light of climate change and global warming scenarios, hence this is one of the prestigious jobs both in the country as well outside India.


  • Assessment officer: After the detailed studies made in your graduation and post graduation, one attains the knowledge of the crop harvesting data, crop losses, and irrigated optimum coverage, hence assessment officers are known to be the backbone of the government’s revenue.


  • Inspector jobs: There are many inspections jobs associated with the agriculture domains, some of them are, irrigation inspector, fertilizer inspector, soil inspector, etc.


  • Faculty in Government colleges: Unfortunately, there is a paucity of the faculties of agriculture in the colleges of the country. So vast opportunities lie in this career.

There are numerous opportunities prevailing inside the country in the agriculture sector, with many more responsibilities are about to come which surely going to take the youths to work for. Thus, now the trend has started in the agriculture sector to get an attractive career option. 

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How can one make a career in Agricultural Science and what are the career prospects and job opportunities therein ?

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