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How does the ICRI stand out clearly in the clinical research profession?

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RE: How does the ICRI stand out clearly in the clinical research profession?

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As the number of diseases and their cure are increasing each day, students are getting more interested in making the act of research their career prospect. But first, let’s try to understand what the clinical research is all about? Including various studies and experiments on a particular drug, clinical research is the first step where a medicine is explored and tested after launching and thus results are concluded whether it can be marketed or not. From side-effects to safety issues, the drug is examined from all corners and then results are released by the clinical research company. This entire process is done by a clinical researcher, thus making it a highly significant and crucial job.

Established in 2004, the Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) is one of the best institutes in India for Clinical Research and healthcare. Based in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, the institute was the first one to introduce India's first Ph.D. Clinical Research programme in the country. ICRI offers a unique curriculum which combines academic and pragmatic learning to the students. Among accolades or accomplishments, ICRI to conduct first international and national conference in clinical research

ICRI - Indian Clinical Research Institute offering the best of Clinical research courses is one of the best institutes one can opt for while choosing a career in medical science research. Established with an aim to “provide an independent global framework for international education, teaching, and exchange of information for Clinical Research Professionals”, the institute boasts of best of faculty and facilities for students to learn and imbibe at the same time. Known as country’s premium institute and first choice of students after BDS, ICRI stands first in providing exceptional knowledge and scope in clinical research.

Clinical Research Sector

The clinical trials market worldwide is worth over USD 26 billion and the industry has employed an estimated 2,10,000 people in the US & over 70,000 in the UK, and that form one-third of the total research and development staff. There are more than 2,50,000 positions vacant globally & salaries vary in the region of approximately USD 40,000 per annum for a Clinical Research Coordinator. A career in Clinical Research offers excellent job opportunities in USA, Europe, Singapore & India.


A very common question asked by many is why should one choose ICRI to build a career in clinical research and not any other institute in the country. Here are few factors and objectives that make it stand apart from others:

  • Starting salary of ICRI’ians is 4 to 7 lacs
  • 100% Placements with ICRI
  • ICRI is a market leader in clinical research education.
  • It offers more than 12,000 placements in diverse fields.
  • ICRI has a proficient team of permanent faculty including distinguished academicians as well as renowned people from the pharmaceutical industry.
  • ICRI launched India's first ever book on clinical research, pharmacovigilance and in introducing India's first Ph.D. Clinical Research programme.
  • ICRI lets study for a variety of subjects in the field to equip students professionally and academically and trains them for the vast global job market.
  • A unique curriculum of the ICRI combines practical and academic learning with its scheme of the internship with the global companies like DR Reddy’s labs, Ranbaxy, Novartis and Glaxo SmithKline to name a few.
  • More than 90% of the trainees of the ICRI are picked up by the reputed companies for the permanent positions
  • As a result of the courses which cover a wide variety of subjects, ICRI graduates are also hired by IT companies like WIPRO, TCS & HCS.
  • Major corporate training workshops have been conducted by the ICRI at companies such as Apollo hospital, Dr.Reddy’s, , IPCA LAB and Panacea Biotech.
  • ICRI has partnered with leading organizations such as UKIERI, Singh health, DIA, and AHA, for various research and training initiatives.
  • Most of the working professionals in clinical research & pharmacovigilance industry are ICRIians, therefore you will be the most preferred candidate for any top job in the field.
  • ICRI has the distinction as it is the first such institute which has launched a D. in Clinical Research and the first national and international conference in clinical research in India.

Further to these accomplishments, ICRI has its own set of aims and ambitions that they seek to achieve. Following are few of them:

  • Be recognized for excellence and become a pioneering institution in promoting ethical Clinical Research.
  • Give a boost to the development of Clinical Research in the country.
  • Provide a framework for international education and to achieve professional excellence, thereby enhancing Clinical Research culture in India.
  • Encourage Clinical Research methodologies and start a Ph.D. program in Clinical Research.
  • Participate with organizations at national and international levels in areas of research, training, seminars and conferences.

All these factors count in the making of a perfect institute one should not miss out on. They play a much greater part in a student’s career as they go hand in hand with their career goals too. An institute’s growth is a student's growth at the end.

As a career path in clinical research is not an easy one to start with, the role of the research institute stands at a greater importance level for students. Hence, being a great support at each step, ICRI stands with the students and give them the right direction.

Who can apply for Clinical Research courses?

Students or candidates who have a B.Sc. degree in pharmacy, life science, medicine, dental surgery, or biochemistry can easily apply for a course in clinical research. However, pursuing the course after completing BDS opens better prospects for the candidate. Applicants who hold a  BDS degree can have a career in the following aspects: 

  • Medical advisor
  • Clinical research physician
  • Drug developer
  • Principal Investigator

Career after ICRI

A career in research is all about discovering wonders of medicine and further having an enthusiasm and passion for changing the world of medical science. A typical job after ICRI is conducting the necessary four trials on new drugs as per the world government regulations. After clearing ICRI, one can easily get placed either with governmental or private organizations. There is a special branch, corporate training, that ensures that students are well prepared to face the real market. The ICRI also makes it easier and a possibility for students seeking a career abroad in research. Thus the ratio of students getting placed after clearing ICRI is quite high and valuable at the same time.

Here is the list of organizations that ICRI alumni are part of:

  • Fortis Research Center
  • Excel Life Science
  • Max Neeman International
  • DHLI
  • Astron Hospital and Research center


RE: How does the ICRI stand out clearly in the clinical research profession?

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