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I want to become a professor of Psychology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Can you provide me with detail description

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3 answers

RE: I want to become a professor of Psychology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Deepti Sharma
Deepti Sharma
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Psychologist are professionals who work and study on human minds, thoughts and behaviour. With the recent time, the demands and employment opportunities for psychologist has increased.

There are ample number of options available for psychologist . The area of work depends on the specialization one chooses. Psychologist can work with Hospitals, Rehab centers, NGO's, Schools , colleges, public organizations, corporate sector etc One can even set up its own clinic after few years of experience.

One can even take up Teaching and research. To take up teaching at university level you need to have Master's degree with qualifying UGC NET exam. One can start as lecturer at university level and proceed with studying Phd to become a professor.

Courses- BA hons Psychology, BA pass psychology as one of the subject. Mphil in psychology and Phd.

Top institutes-

University of hyderabad
University of Delhi
Mumbai university
Jamia millia Islamia-delhi

All the best
Career counselor

RE: I want to become a professor of Psychology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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Hello there

Thank you for choosing Meracareerguide and writing to us. A professorship usually requires a candidate to have studied a Doctorate that is a PhD level degree to claim a professor status. To study a Doctorate in Philosophy in Psychology; you are required to follow these educational path.

  • Pass 10th grade with minimum 60% (first class) or above
  • Pass 12th grade with minimum 60% (first class) or above. And make sure you should have studied Biology and Chemistry as the mandatory subjects in 12th grade. If you have not studied Bio and Chem at 12th grade, most universities will not accept your study application for BSc or BA Psychology degree level. Some students choose to study Economics, Commerce, Maths and other subjects at 12th grade and be aware these subjects are not acceptable by colleges to apply for Psychology degrees in India.
  • Pass BA/ BSc Psychology degree with minimum first class or above
  • Pass MA/ MSc Psychology or Applied Psychology degree with minimum first class or above.
  • Pass UGC-NET exam and clear your test at National level. (Exam conducted twice a year)
  • Pass UGC-SET exam and clear your test at state level. (exam conducted twice a year

With these qualifications, you could apply for a PhD degree in Psychology degree in India. Please be informed that universities require you to follow each step mentioned above. There is a flexibility for reserved candidates from SC/ST castes and universities permit them to have scored a minimum of 55% and above.

In case you are seeking scholarship/ monthly studentship to support your PhD studies, the university does require an extra test UGC-JRF (junior research fellowship) to be able to be successful with studentship application. PhD Psychology students with a UGC-JRF get a minimum stipend of 12000-18000 per month.

For students who are not able to commit to study a three year PhD, but are still interested in being a Professor, it cant be done. I would like to clarify that you can start working as a Lecturer but not a Professor. A Professor status is given to a candidate who holds either 10 years of work experience or at least a Doctorate degree in Psychology. If you are a fresher, you can start working as a lecturer. But to be able to work as a lecturer, it is mandatory to have passed at least a Masters degree or an MPhil degree plus cleared UGC-LEC exam. LEC exam qualifies you to work as a Lecturer.

Please write back if you require further assistance. Happy to help. Thanks.

RE: I want to become a professor of Psychology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Dear aspirant

Thank you for approaching counsellors at meracareerguide. A professor role is a very reputable and responsible role and it is good to see that students have started recognising this career and are interested into teaching. To become a professor of Psychology there is a set of norms that every candidate needs to follow and i will explain it in detail one by one here.

  • Pass 10th class with a minimum first class and science is a compulsory subject in 10th.
  • Pass 12th class with a minimum first class and students should have been compulsorily studied from science group. Therefore students could be either from PCB route or PCMB route. while most commonly students with the PCB Physics chemistry biology are often eligible for non engineering courses and this includes Psychology.
  • Then compulsory study a basic bachelors degree like the BA/ BSc Psychology and obtain a minimum pass of first class overall. Students belonging to outside reservation category are mandatory to get minimum 60% in their BSc and students within reservation category are mandatory to get a minimum of 55%. until this level it is known as 10+2+3 route and every candidate is required to follow this three steps as the basic eligibility criteria. After a basic bachelors degree students are compulsorily required to pursue a masters degree to become at least a lecturer.
  • So after BSc, students should choose to study a two year MSc Psychology degree and also obtain a minimum first class. There are very few colleges accept MSc qualification for lecturer jobs and they demand at least a mini research degree for a lectureship. Therefore after MSc, students should write UGC NET and qualify for a one year MPhil Psychology program. Completing MPhil psychology students can directly work as a lecturer and after five years of experience they will be promoted as a professor. Students can also write UGC LEC to be qualified for teaching jobs.
  • However most students prefer to obtain a professional research degree like the Doctorate level, PhD degree to be qualified for a direct professor role. This requires students to do a PhD in Psychology. To be eligible for a PhD psychology seat, 10th, 12th, BSc, MSc, MPhil or required. Added to this, students should also appear for UGC NET in Psychology subject (if they have not studied MPhil or written NET exam before). Apart from this if they require some monthly stipend to support them throughout the PhD years then they should also write UGC JRF exam. With all this they are eligible to apply for a PhD Psychology and on completing it they can work either as Assistant professors or Professors directly.

RE: I want to become a professor of Psychology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

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