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How is Interior Design as a Career field? Briefly explain about the career prospects and courses therein?

by Rohit Dubey
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1 answer

RE: How is Interior Design as a Career field? Briefly explain about the career prospects and courses therein?

Avadhut Desai
Avadhut Desai
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With the onset of the classy and standard lifestyles either in the home or offices, either may be community hall or auditorium, the aura and ambiance play very important role. Let us take an example if you are visiting any hotel then you first decides which hotel’s ambiance is best in your budget. The very first key to impressing remained the interior of the structure. With this concept couple of years ago, the trend of the interior designer had emerged. With the new generation taking the lead, the demand for the blasting interior of any of the structure is primary, so the interior designing sector is flourishing today. In this article, we’ll talk about how interior design became job oriented? What innovations it carries and what are the various courses are there in this stream. Interior designing is not restricted to the boys only but girls are leaving behind boys in this aspect.

What is Interior Design?

 Interior designing is the branch of science in which deals with the designing and decorations of the interior of the buildings, to make sense people on which they are living. Suppose one is living in a house, to make him feel living in a house, interior designer play an important role. Similarly, for the offices, the interior designer makes the feel of office in commercial buildings. Thus interior designers are becoming key elements in the construction field too. On before the plan and execution started, interior designers are consulted.  

The best thing about the interior designing is the ability to occupy the less space in planning and functioning. They formulate the plan in such a way, even the low-lying space can be used for the valuable purpose.

In this modern world, where everyone is keen about being standard and classy, the interior designing profession is emerged out as a tremendous job opportunity. In India alone, there are multiple courses available to us regarding interior designing.


Courses in interior designing

There are a number of courses in the interior designing in the foreign countries. but in India only typical courses available to the citizens in the name of graduation and post graduation.

B.I.D (Bachelor of Interior Design)

This is one of the initial degree programs to get into the field of interior designing. If one pursue the bachelor's from the recognized institution, the probability to get a good job always remains high.

Duration: 3years

Syllabus for B.I.D

  • Study of Graphic
  • Aesthetics programme
  • Technical Skills of designing
  • Communication Skills
  • Interior Design – I
  • Computer and interior designs
  • Estimation & costing
  • Professional practices


Diploma degree in the Interior designing, from any central or state government institute or recognized.

Duration: 10 +3

  • Master’s in interior design

To have a specialized command over any of the stream of interior designing, a master's degree is necessary. It opens a new arena for the candidate in this field.

Duration: 2 years

Syllabus for masters

  • Elective basic knowledge
  • Advanced designing parameters
  • Professional surveys
  • QSC
  • Artillery designing of buildings
  • Color coding
  • Graphical representation and analyses
  • Project

Top colleges for interior designing:

  • Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  • Jamia Islamia, Delhi
  • Aurobindo college, Puducherry
  • Kalasam science college, Kalasam, AP
  • Rani Durga WA ti Vishwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur
  • Lakshmi Bai college of science, Indore
  • Amity, Noida.
  • Mumbai university, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Job opportunities in Interior Designing

As I have told you before that, recently the new projects and the renovation works heavily appointing the interior designers in a big way, hence you must note down the various job opportunities in te field of interior designing.

  • Design specialist

This is the most common job and highly paid job mainly in the big cities. Cities like Mumbai having huge talent in design, thus its seem to be the bright spot for newcomers.


  • Interior decorators

After the work of design specialist, the very next work is the interior decorator, who will execute the work based on the design of designer. It is a kind of field job but very interesting too, for those who loves to do decorations.

  • Store designers

The career of store designers is really gaining momentum nowadays. The basic job of the store designer is to develop a robust design for the multiplexor big shops so that customers should get comfort while shopping. The big malls and marts usually sign the contracts with talented store designers.


  • Auto Cad Interior

Candidate can work as an AutoCAD specialist, in which he can develop the maps, plans, and sections of the design on a screen or paper, which forms the basis of reference to the site engineers and architectures. This is a kind of job which can be self-employed.


  • Wall designer/ floor designer/ceiling designers

These are the emerging heads in the interior designers. Being the separate entities, the designers works to develop a design for the walls, ceilings or floor, according to the working conditions and objectives.


  • Professors

One can take up the teaching profession as a career in interior design. The scope of the Government job always remains high in such streams.

Government under the skill India program providing the vocational education to the youths in interior designing also graduates from the top colleges are employed in such programs on the high pay scale.

An interior designing career should not be seen as an inferior or mainly restricted to the big cities, but it has vast potential to make your career bright. If you are aspiring to take interior designing as a career, just focus on your graduation and brainstorm each and every day for a new innovation.


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Ideal Career Test Inlcudes:

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RE: How is Interior Design as a Career field? Briefly explain about the career prospects and courses therein?

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