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How to become a big data analyst?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: How to become a big data analyst?

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With a higher growth in the context of usage as well as data among each and every user in the corporate ecosystem. The analytics approach in order to calculate different metrics for an organization or big company is turning out to be a very humongous task, as the data set is getting bigger and bigger and replicating itself exponentially every moment. So due to this, the process to analyze the data and look out for a different and more effective technique to find the outcomes and insights of data set becomes a more difficult task. In short, with a wide increase in data due to more users and consumption of resources from every user, the amount of the data in the system has been increased rapidly and hence the size of problem set is also increased, which can’t be looked or processed by the normal, orthodox and unconventional ways.

So hence, this problem is looked as the big data, and analytics performed on this data set is by big data analytics. Big data can be defined as a very vast and highly replicable data set in the system which are in a more organized and less relative to each other and hence can be processed in a positive and much more extensible way. This is a crisp analysis process and involves unorthodox and new methods of reducing the velocity of data and hence resulting in the better solutions. The analytics of the big data is a process or study that comes under data science in which the raw data is studied as statistically data set and analysis of this data set is done in order to get desired results. This is a process of hypothesis and theoretical analysis of the data set which includes mathematical modelling and statistical modelling of data in order to achieve some desired goals and the results from the data set.


The job profile of a big data analyst is comparatively less technical but more math’s oriented though and as a result of what, the workload is comparatively high. In order to become a good big data analyst one should have a few mentioned skillset and should be good at them:


  1. Quantitative skills: Quantitative skills are the most common desire in the data analytics. The complete job is based on mathematical modelling of data and processing raw data into something meaningful and hence this only will be done by proper and concrete approach towards Math’s and finding the nice solution in the best possible way.


  1. Understanding of the business: Understanding of business is an important role in order to analyze anything, since, if you know what your product is the possibility of you going in the right direction and finding the right solution will be a lot higher and this is what matters in the data analytics.


  1. Interpretations skills: Interpretation skills are referred as the way you look at a problem and the approach you follow in order to get the results. In the data sciences, the interpretation of the problem is most important and hence finding a definite solution will be a very easy task then. This is the approach of good interpretations skills that needed to be followed in the data science and big data analytics.


  1. Understanding of outcomes: Understanding of outcomes is the point of knowing and ability to predict the type of the outcomes that will be faced after an accurate analytics and hence a progressive picture will be in mind and hence the results in the dataset are much clearer than ever.
  2. Reasoning oriented approach: If you have a reasoning oriented approach, the possibility of finding the easier way and more accurate way of finding the solutions are much higher for you. This is because the approach that will be followed by you is based on the previously determined data and doesn’t work on the assumptions and hence results will be more accurate.


Apart from all that, a small understanding of any programming language with a good understanding of all the object oriented concepts and machine oriented concepts will work in your benefit since all the data set is in computational form and computer programming will only help you to understand that better. Also, computer programming is easy and one can learn it anytime and online as well as there are a number of good online courses that are available, and will help you to kick start your career as a data scientist or decision scientist.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How to become a big data analyst?

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