I suppose you are working as a Data Analysts, then I am sure you understand what the job is all about.Data Analysts is all about managing the data and preparing it in a way that when required, just one glance and the person gets all the information.As such your job is the most important job profile, as everyone would be depending on you for their filing and getting data.As such here you would require good analytic skills, computer skills and high statistical knowledge.Your course in MCA is quite different from your current job profile. MCA is more into managing the software and its application

Dear student, Thanks for posting your query on CareerGuide.com.  How do you take a decision? Most people consider their past experiences, guage future possibilities, weigh the pros and cons of the situations and possible outcomes and take a decision accordingly.  In the work of business, this is what data scientists help to do.  Data science is the use of many techniques to derive meaning from relevant data that often drive business decisions. Therefor it is sometimes also alled as business analytics.  Most of the times it is a combination of maths, statistics, advanced com

It will be better if you list-out students, their experience prior to join this course and their packages which you are placed as the course fee is 800000 but package is 600000  is too high for experienced people who has more than 5+ years so better come up with actuals rather concentrate on overestimation.    

No doubt  All are fake   

With a higher growth in the context of usage as well as data among each and every user in the corporate ecosystem. The analytics approach in order to calculate different metrics for an organization or big company is turning out to be a very humongous task, as the data set is getting bigger and bigger and replicating itself exponentially every moment. So due to this, the process to analyze the data and look out for a different and more effective technique to find the outcomes and insights of data set becomes a more difficult task. In short, with a wide increase in data due to more users and con