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How to become a hydrologist? What are the career prospects of a hydrologist?

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RE: How to become a hydrologist? What are the career prospects of a hydrologist?

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Water is life and plays a vital role for human’s body. An average human can’t survive without water for more than 3 days; 70% of human’s body is made up of water. Water conservation is very important nowadays as there are so many areas in India and around the world that suffer from water shortage. With industrialization at its peak, a lot of water sources gets contaminated and their aquatic life has to go through very bad impact. To prevent water from getting polluted hydrologists takes needed preventive attempts.

Hydrology is the branch of science related to the properties of earth’s water, particularly its interaction with earth’s crust. Hydrologists are the practitioner of hydrology. They study all the different ways in which water moves on theearth, they may study how snowfall and rainfall to cause erosion, create caves, permeate through soil and rocks to become underground water, or finally reach the sea. They also study how precipitation impacts people by regulating river levels or groundwater availability. They also find ways to remediate polluted water and help investigate how contaminated water could be stopped from polluting other clean sources of water.

Water below earth’s surface is studied by groundwater hydrologists. The main target of groundwater hydrologists is to clean up polluted groundwater at industrial contamination sites. Other kinds of hydrologists work on water supply locating new considerable locations and approximating amounts of water usable for pumping. They frequently help to decide the locations of new suitable waste disposal sites to preclude groundwater contamination.

Water above the ground such as lakes, streams, and glaciers is studied by surface water hydrologists. They tend to work with precipitation data and usage to determine water levels in reservoirs. Their approximation helps reservoirs manager to make decisions about releasing and storing water to meet demand They also help to develop flood management plans and create food forecasts.

A lot of hydrologists develop specialization such as ground water remediation glacial meltwaters.

Education required to become a hydrologist

A Bachelor’s degree in Hydrology, Geology, or another similar degree such as Environmental science is essential to becoming a hydrologist.

Institutes offering education in hydrology

  • Andhra University (AU) in Vishakhapatnam
  • G. Teachers college, Ahmedabad
  • National Institute of Hydrology

Masters Courses to pursue after graduation

  • PG diploma in hydrology
  • Tech. Hydrology
  • E Hydrology Water Resources Engineering
  • Advanced diploma in Water Resources Engineering
  • Sc in Hydrology of 3 years’ duration

Duties of a Hydrologist

  • To collect samples of water and soil evaluate their properties.
  • To record water pH levels, volume, velocity and pollutant volumes.
  • Analyzing data to measure the environmental effect of erosion, drought, sedimentation, pollutants, and other water-related issues and then research ways to diminish their effects.
  • To use computer models to estimate future conditions regarding water supplies, floods, remediation or pollution and other events.
  • To measure the suitability of new hydroelectric power plants, waste water treatment facilities, and irrigation systems.


Places where a hydrologist is needed

Divisions in which hydrologist are employed

  • The maximum number of hydrologistsi.e 29% are employed by thefederal
  • Technical and scientific consulting services and management employees 20% hydrologists.
  • Engineering services consumed 18% of them.
  • 17% works in state government.
  • And 8% in local government.

Hydrologist career prospects

Job opportunities for hydrologists are available in both public and private sector organizations like metrological departments, geological survey of India etc. There are job opportunities available in International Organizations as well for those working in this field. Even most world famous channels like Geography Channel and  Discovery etc. also seeking potential hydrologists to work for them.


Hydrologist Salary

Hydrologists can expect to be paid around Rs. 20,000 to 25,000K in the entry level. After gaining experience and knowledge one could earn upto 40,000k per month. If one chooses to go for some research work or mass media channels, he/she can simply earn somewhere around 1 lakh per assignment. However, it depends upon the importance of assignment.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How to become a hydrologist? What are the career prospects of a hydrologist?

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