How to crack CSIR NET Physics? I am pursuing MSc in Physics

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RE: How to crack CSIR NET Physics? I am pursuing MSc in Physics

Ravi Mahawar
Ravi Mahawar

For preparing CSIR NET Physics, you must be having a deep understanding in that field.

This exam will test your aptitude and grip on the subject Physics.

For preparing CSIR NET Physics, you can take help from the below mentioned tips –

  • Strengthen your basics from 12th standard Physics. It is highly required to make a strong command on the fundamentals of physics.
  • Make the best schedule for study. At least 6-7 hours study is required in a day to get the best result.
  • Solve previous year question papers of CSIR NET Physics. You will get a fair idea about the type of questions that will be asked in the exam by solving previous papers.

So, these are some basics which should be considered while preparing for the exam.

RE: How to crack CSIR NET Physics? I am pursuing MSc in Physics

Shalini Sharma
Shalini Sharma


CSIR UGC NET is a toughest entrance exam for science stream students who want to become researcher or lecturer in the reputed universities of India.

To achieve the targeted score in that you have to be positive, dedicated and give your best in preparation.

Before starting the preparation, deeply analyze the CSIR NET Physical Sciences syllabus and the exam pattern.

Prefer the study material which is recommended by the experts and consists the complete syllabus.

Make a strategy and set a time table according to which you will be prepared.

Physics is a subject which requires practice. So, solve previous years questions and mock test papers to make perfect your preparation.

Give more time to learn concepts, theorems and experiments.

Try to learn topics by using diagrams, flow charts or by categorizing them in sub-topics.

Always do revision after completion of the topics.

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