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how to i become software engineer after 12th

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RE: how to i become software engineer after 12th

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Hello Akib

.. For becoming software engineer, You  have to pursue B.Tech in Computer science. It will help you to explore the world of computer and to become a master  in it. If you are pursuing your course from reputed institutes like IIT, NIT, VIT university, Lovely Professional University, Manipal university etc, you can get much exposure in the field and to develop a successful career as software engineer. These institute will help you to find job partner easily through campus placements too. 

RE: how to i become software engineer after 12th

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How To Become a Software Engineer After 12th


The process to how to become a software engineer after 12th is different for different streams of students. If you are a 12th class student and searching for How to Become a Software Engineer after 12 then you have to follow some steps according to your stream.

There are Basically 3 types of streams in 12th i.e Science, Commerce, and Arts. There is a different procedure for different kinds of streams. The process is given below.

 Table Contents

1.     Different streams entry and Requirement

2.     TOP IIT and NIT

3.     Admission IN IIT and NIT

4.     Software Engineer Roles and Resposnibility

5.     Top Recruiters

Become a Software Engineer After 12 : different streams

1.  Process For Science Stream

2.  Process For Commerce Stream

3.  Process For Arts Stream

1. Process For Science Stream

If you are a science stream student then you can directly pursue a degree course. For that, you have to prepare for the JEE Main exam to become a software engineer. After you appear in the JEE Main exam, according to your mark you can get admission in some Engineering Colleges in some computer-related branches like Computer Science, IT, etc.

2. Process For Commerce Stream

If you are a Commerce Stream student then you can pursue Degree courses directly. So you have to pursue a Diploma course after that Diploma course you can pursue Degree courses by lateral entry.

3. Process For Arts Stream 

The same goes for the Arts Stream students also/ You have to pursue a Diploma course first then can get into a degree course to Become a Software engineer after 12th.


There are also some other courses you can do after the 12th if You want to become a Software engineer after 12. These courses are.

  • BCA
  • B.Sc IT
  • Certification Courses

The detailed Procedure to pursue these courses after the 12th is elaborated in the uppergiven link. You can follow that if you are serious about your career.


TOP IIT and NIT for becoming Software engineer after 12

After giving the entrance exams you can get admission in any of he following this ranking is according to NIRF 2021








Indian Institute of Technology Madras



Tamil Nadu




Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


New Delhi





Indian Institute of Technology Bombay







Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur



Uttar Pradesh




Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur



West Bengal






Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee







Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati







Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad







National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli



Tamil Nadu




National Institute of Technology Karnataka







This is Courses Offered by IIT AND NIT for software engineer after 12

•           Computer Science Engineering


Admission Process

how to become a software engineer after 12th  you will have to get admission in IIT and NIT and for that you have to give JJE MAINs and JJE pre entrance exams in INDIA . You require maximum 45% marks for sitting in Jee exam .

how to become a software engineer after 12th : Software job and responsibility

The systematic application of engineering principles to the production of software is known as software engineering. A software engineer is a person who designs, develops, maintains, tests, and evaluates computer software using software engineering concepts.



The process of establishing the architecture, components, interfaces, and other properties of a system or component is known as software design. This is referred to as software architecture. There are three layers of design in software development. Interface design, architectural design, and detailed design are the three levels. The interaction between a system and its surroundings is known as interface design. This occurs at a high level of abstraction, along with the system's underlying workings.

2. Software construction

The fundamental activity of software development is software creation, which combines programming, unit testing, integration testing, and debugging. During this phase, the programmer will generally test the software as it is being built to ensure that what was just written is correct and to determine when the code is ready to move on to the next stage.

3. Software Testing

With varied methodologies such as unit testing and integration testing, software testing is an empirical, technical inquiry done to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. It's a feature of good software. It is often conducted by quality assurance workers or a developer different than the one who authored the code as a separate step in software development.


4. Software maintenance

The operations necessary to provide cost-effective support after shipping the software product are referred to as software maintenance. Software maintenance is the process of altering and updating software applications after they have been distributed in order to fix bugs and improve performance. Software has a lot to do with the real world, and software maintenance is essential as the real world changes. Error correction, optimization, elimination of unused and abandoned features, and augmentation of existing functions are all part of software maintenance. Maintenance typically accounts for 40 percent to 80 percent of a project's cost, thus concentrating on it keeps expenses down.



Top Recruiters For Software Engineers

These are the top recruiters who hires software engineer

·       Facebook.

·       Google.

·       Stripe.

·       Huawei.

·       Snap.

·       Uber.

·       LinkedIn.



RE: how to i become software engineer after 12th

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