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How to make a career as a Software Engineer/Architect?

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RE: How to make a career as a Software Engineer/Architect?

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You seem a computer geek and tech-savvy, else you would not have that much interest in the computer field! Am I right? The world we are living in today is a kind of digital world and we are going toward the IOT (Internet of Things) concept where every physical thing will be connected and embedded with electronics, software, actuators, sensors, and network connectivity. This is going to a huge interconnected network which will ease the life at greatest level.


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I think this is the right time with fully matured with great scope for innovations and reshaping the technology. The computer experts, especially the Software Engineers will be high demand for the aforesaid reason. Your aspiration to become a Software Engineer/Architect is really welcome and you will be, I assure you, provided you will follow the required academic route and go the extra mile necessary to be so.

Career as a Software Engineer is already in a hype and in vogue so there are, we may feel, some kind of disinterest and normality in place as everyone at some point of time was enthusiastic to pursue the Software Engineering and allied courses as the same thing happened with Management Courses. But, the game doesn’t over here, the field has a lot in store and the talented minds has no reason to worry about they will get the right placements and will settle in their dream career too. Now let us see what it actually takes to become a Software Engineer/Architect. Here I would say the two terms Engineer and Architect though are used interchangeably, they have a small difference in between them. The Architect, as it happens to be anyway, can be placed somewhat higher than the Engineer. However, the Engineer becomes an Architect after acing in the field. Let us go forward-

What Does a Software Architect/Engineer Do

A Software Engineer/Architect is a person who will invariably be in a profession where the application of the principles and techniques of computer science, mathematical analysis are made to design, develop, test and evaluate the Software and Systems which enable the Computer System to run in the form of various applications. The profession actually requires talent and interest and when these both go hand in hand; the person concerned will become a successful Engineer/Architect. The task of dealing with complex software with those apparently unrecognizable computer languages seems complicated and on this thread, we can imagine how the advanced system of present world has been developed. And that is the very reason why the software Engineers are in high demand.

What It Takes to Become a Software Engineer/Architect

Do you wanna become a Software Engineer and be a part of the high-profile professional, the profession, i.e. Information Technology (IT) Industry, which is considered as one of the most lucrative professions. Well, there is a way then.

  • Do your Bachelor degree in Software/Computer Engineering (after 12th Science Stream)
  • You also can prefer to pursue a Master in Software and IT (will help you gain detailed knowledge of the field)
  • Have proficiency in Mathematics
  • Do programming and build up software
  • Get some professional diplomas in your record like Microsoft Courses and other such similar from reputed technology platforms (Helps you have an edge over other and gain mastery in specific field)
  • Do practice, fix bugs, have a hand on experience in software development, have some internship for more practical knowledge and Practice.

The above one general academic route can be followed to become a Software Engineer/Architect. You can even choose some of the premier and reputed institutes like IITs/NITs etc. to pursue your academic degrees which will help you grab some of the quality and lucrative job opportunities.

Career Prospects in IT Industry for A Software Engineer/Architect

Huge prospects lie there for Software Engineers/Architects in IT industry in India and all over the world. There is no dearth of quality job opportunities for talented and industrious professionals. Your knowledge and the enthusiasm to learn new things and develop the same in another but in novel ways, will take you up in high demand in the industry. Many It Corporations and MNCs like Microsoft, Google, Motorola, IBM, Toshiba, Infosys, HCL and WIPRO hire tech professionals for their ever-growing vast operations to innovate, design, build up, test, evaluate, software and system/application frameworks for various use in industry and day to day life of common people. You might have heard about Satya Nadela and Sundar Pichai the both Silicon Valley professionals and now are shouldering the responsibilities as CEO in the software and IT majors Microsoft and Google respectively. They both are Indians and made their way to the best of the best organizations with the strategic positions in those organizations. So, you have these examples that how long one can go in this field.

Dear Aspirant, I would say eventually that the governments nowadays are sponsoring IT field in numerous ways and this is the golden opportunity to grab the benefits. So, it is nice discussing with you. For More information in IT field regarding academic courses, Institutions, admission, etc. you can have a talk with the Professional Exert at CareerGuide. Hope, this helps you!

RE: How to make a career as a Software Engineer/Architect?

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