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How to make your passion to your profession?

by Gautam Pandey
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RE: How to make your passion to your profession?

Meenakshi Singh
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“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” - Ella Jane Fitzgerald.

Work is a burden unless you are passionate about it. Your passion determines your enthusiasm to do the action and gives you immense happiness and satisfaction at heart. In the theory of life, following your passion for making a career takes you to effortless money creation which creates a monetary paradise with prevailing happiness.

Some do not consider their passion as their profession because of non-availability of jobs. Inspite of this drawback passion can be considered as a profession.

So the first step is the recognition of your passion that will turn your world towards the most beautiful end.

  1. Begin with the past event: It is the experience or the past event of a person that shapes his present. So past event is the first step to discover the passion hidden in you.
  2. The source of passion: It is always the source that directs the way of destination. The moments of sadness, happiness, anger or fear are directly or indirectly related to our passion. So when we do certain things these moments connect with our passion and make us feel confident about that thing.

There is always a positive and negative experience. Whether that experience is a past or our future it can still help you in creating your passion. To discover your passion a person needs to be creative. He needs to connect all his experiences and moments together to develop his passion with interest. Creativity is just an art of connecting things. Once you connect all the dots you will be aware of your passion.

The next step is to turn your passion into profession. Once you have realized what charges you up, the next step is molding it into your career. There are three steps that are needed to be followed.

1 Stick to your Dream: The first thing is that whatever you love to keep it close to your heart and never ever lose sight of it. Some people do not pursue their passion because they do not consider it as their profession. Many people love to sing, write, some love to start their own business but they lack in skill and opportunities.

  1. Grab the Opportunity: The best thing about passion is people can discover it at any time. It only takes a moment for a person to realize it. So keeps your eye open for the opportunities which can change your life.
  2. Contribution: The last step is the contribution of a person towards his passion for turning it into your profession. When a person contributes towards his passion he can synthesize his passion into his profession.

So, put all the elements together and built the foundation of not only your life but the lives connected to you.

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