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How to take exam playfully without feeling burdened?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: How to take exam playfully without feeling burdened?

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A life of a student is full of excitement and cheer. It's the crucial time which underlay future success and exams are most important part of their development. Some students take exams as a trying time in their personal and academic growth and burn the midnight oil to achieve high scores. On the other hand, some students may face exam fear and take it as a burden. It requires mutual concern of parents, teachers and students themselves to overcome the exam phobia and help them to get good scores.

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Before that one should identify the actual reason behind exam stress. It might be one or more among these:

  • lack of motivation and confidence
  • Lack of regular practice
  • High expectations of parents
  • Unidentified self-knowledge
  • Cut throat competition among peers

Only after self-analysis, one will be able to inculcate panache in himself. Routine practice and self-confidence will surely help students to crack a tough nut. Here, we need to pay heed at some points which can help students to go distress:

  • Identify self-interests

Each and every student has his own skills and interests. Every student is unique in himself and his own style of working.  Always keep in mind about a famous aphorism, “he that apes others will never be himself.”  Don’t try to imitate others. Be yourself else you will become ludicrous. Bring self-confidence and work hard to get big achievements.

  • Listen to music

Listening soft music is the best remedy to cope with stress. One can choose the music of his own choice to refresh himself. It is compulsory to elevate one’s mood to combat stress. It can be done by surrounding himself with the positive and productive environment. Soft and soothing music will release all stress and fill your mind and body with a new energy and positive thoughts.

  • Little workout

It is usually seen that students spend their entire time with their books open and pen poised for action just on the night before the exam. Students should change this attitude. They should take short breaks in the meanwhile. Dr chuck Hillman, University of Illinois,  demonstrates well in his study, “if one can to do warmup rather than sitting still for long hours, it will increase the brain activity which helps students to memorize more effectively and rapidly.

  • Plan your study pattern

One should study regularly by making notes, written practice and short breaks during study time. A perfect and continuous strategy will surely protect students to take over by the exam Blues. It will never put them in a situation of the battle in the brain due to last minute exam pressure. Steady and regular study patterns will help students to clear all the concepts related to each subject.

  • Have sound sleep

In between exam pressure, it's a basic need for every student to take proper sleep at night. Lack of sleep will make him unable to retain his memory till next day. One may feel sleepy or restless due to irregular sleep. Only a sound sleep will help your brain to re-energize for effective learning.

  • Stay well fed

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 10 glasses of water each day. Having healthy diet is also compulsory for keeping one with full of energy. Heavy food will make you sleepy all the time. On the other hand, cutting on food will also bring weakness into your body. One should make a diet chart and plan accordingly so that one can boost up his energy levels. A proper diet will also help students’ mind not to wander here and there and raise their concentration level.

  • Healthy discussions with your peers

Whenever one is doubtful with any topic, try to make it clear with the help of your teachers. One can also discuss it with his peers. Recounting knowledge will set up a clear picture in your mind related to any topic. It will also help you to learn different aspects of a given topic and gain experience.

All the above facts will help students to stay away from stress. Practical knowledge along with academic books will be beneficial for students to understand the basics of each and every subject. Try to learn creatively rather than cramming a whole book. It will boost your confidence and you will go distress effortlessly.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How to take exam playfully without feeling burdened?

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