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I am an IT experiance want to pursue MBA withot loosing my job

hi, I am BE in EC and now working as system engineer in igate, want to purse MBA want to know good collages and how I can get admission. Currently I am working in production support .

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RE: I am an IT experiance want to pursue MBA withot loosing my job

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear MBA Aspirant,

Nice to know that you are working with the reputed and famous company like iGate and now you wish to enhance your career by oping for an MBA course. Since your question does not mention it, I would like to ask you whether you wish to leave your job completely and do MBA full time or you wish to continue your job and do MBA part time or distance learning? The advice would actually change if I get answer to my questions, however on generic basis and on some assumption I would definitely try to answer your career concern..

Before I proceed further, I would like to thank you for coming to the right career platform of CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance and advice on your career concern. I am pretty sure that the experts here will be able to guide you appropriately.

MBA after engineering:

In my more than seven years of career counselling experience, I have come across many engineering students who wish to do MBA and get a good job and salary.

Doing an MBA has been definitely a good decision by candidates, however it depends on every body individual bakground as well and cannot be a generic decision.

I would like to tell you that when an engineer already working in the core engineering field like you are working in, chooses to do an MBA, the very first thing which happens in his / her career life is, it gets shifted from one domain to another.

Typically there are five major specialisations in MBA:
Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations and International Business.

When an engineer chooses Finance or Marketing or Human Resource or International Business, the engineer does not remain attached to the core engineering field and the jobs which are given in placements or come across for an MBA are no more engineering related. There fore this means that the engineering degree goes waste.

Always remember that your post graduation determines your future career path and not your basic graduation qualification.

I would like to suggest you, that if you are intested in technical field and would like to enhance that, MBA would not help. Also do not do MBA just for the same of it. Doing an MBA gives an increase in salary to every body is a great misconception. Do not follow the herd mentality.

I think you should choose between MBA Operations and MTech.

If you are working and plan to continue and do an MBA part time, a minimum work experience of 3-5 years is required to get admission in MBA course. If you wish to leave your job, I would like to ask to aim for Top 20 BSchools and prepare for CAT/SNAP/XAT entrance tests.

All the Best!

RE: I am an IT experiance want to pursue MBA withot loosing my job

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur

Hello doing an MBA degree is absolutely an essential choice to stabilize one's career and I would definitely encourage you to pursue this decision of yours. You have indicated in your inquiry that you are an Engineering graduate and are currently working for igate. WIth an Engineering background, you can definitely choose to do an MBA but may I ask you how long have you been at work? It is essential and advisable to hold a minimum of two to three years work experience before you study the MBA degree. However there are many business schools that well attracts students with less than two-three years work experience or even without any work experience. In principle, I would rather say a person is right for the MBA only when he/she has accumulated two years of experience atleast. MBA with work experience is seen more valid than the MBA degree without work experience, according to management experts all over the world.

You have mentioned your desire not to lose out your job and concurrently study the MBA course. Yes, it is very much possible. You should opt to study the Part time executive MBA programs offered by some of the prestigious business schools in India.
I shall list on the courses as per the business schools and you may choose to do with one of them.

IIM Calcutta:
1. Executive program in business and management
2. Executive program for young managers

IIM Khozhikode:
1. Executive post graduate program in management
2. Executive post graduate program in general management
3. Executive post graduate certificate in marketing management
4. Executive post graduate certificate in human resource management

IIM Lucknow:
1. Executive post graduate program in sales and marketing management
2. Executive global business management program
3. Executive program in general management
4. Executive program for young managers

1. Post graduate certificate in human resource management
2. Post graduate certificate in business and management

Fees: The fee usually ranges from 1lakh to 2lakh per annum depending on the institution.

Duration: The duration of the course is usually one year

Classes: You will attend weekdays after evening classes between 6pm to 9pm or during the weekends on most Saturdays and Sundays either morning or in the evenings. Additionally, you will also seek an opportunity to visit the school and spend a week or two in the campus to attend seminars and workshops based on your program. For example, if you are doing an executive MBA program with IIM Khozikode, you will attend classses mostly in the city where you live currently and you will get an opportunity to visit the IIM Khozhikode campus for a week or two for participating in seminars and workshops.

Alumni advantages: You get an opportunity to become the alumni of the school after you successfully complete the MBA program. This way you can become a part of the alumni networking group where you can search for jobs, seek mentorship and many more from the fellow IIM graduates.

All the above mentioned courses are run part time in most of the major cities and this way you can do the course without quitting your current job. Completing the course, coupled up with your existing work experience I am sure you will land in Managers role either within the same organization or even else where. I hope this helps. My best wishes to your career.

RE: I am an IT experiance want to pursue MBA withot loosing my job

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