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I am very much confused regarding my courses and career path?

by Gunika Bhatia
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RE: I am very much confused regarding my courses and career path?

Avadhut Desai
Avadhut Desai
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor / President at Foresight Foundation
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I would like to tell you that you approached the right platform for guidance. Being confused is always harmful and that’s why you need a proper counseling and guidance. I would have liked to hear from you about your educational background and thereby I would have come at precise guidance. Still no worries we will discuss in general about academic studies and career scope and opportunities.



Dear Aspirant, you have certain things which you can try your hands on and these are as following - taking further studies, doing some advanced professional diplomas, doing a Job in your field, preparing for government and other competitive exams, to be in creative career in the field of your hobbies and eventually if you like challenging profession then Entrepreneurship can be your profession. We will see every listed thing in detail in the following text and also would discuss how to be successful in chosen field.

Advanced Studies in your educational field

Master Degree

Have you done your Bachelor? then you obviously would like to have a master degree on your CV for certain and sure benefits of doing it. Advanced studies would certainly add to your expertise and help you get quality and more job opportunities. Organizations prefer candidates with advanced knowledge, greater competence so it makes sense to pursue the Master and other complementary courses.

Professional Diplomas

Short term professional diplomas help you build your competence and expand your knowledge base which adds some extra utility to your academic knowledge. You even can learn language skills, personality development, and another such plethora of short-term courses and UG/PG diplomas.

Career in your educational knowledge field

Be in a job in the field you have taken academic education for. This can be an obvious option for anyone doing a job right away after your graduation or master. At first, you may face difficulties getting a job but you would get one. After getting the job you can slowly improve expertise, knowledge base and your position. Many graduate holders do jobs out rightly after their graduation and sometimes take education simultaneously with distance mode.

Government Sector Jobs through Competitive Exams

Seeing the very large ubiquitous presence of government agencies in our day to day life for various tasks, we can imagine how big the government administration is! To run these gigantic operations, the government needs officers and this is being done recruiting officials through competitive exams.  Below I have enlisted some of the government agencies through which the officials have been recruited for various tasks.

  • UPSC conducted exams – IAS/IPS/IFS
  • SSB Exams
  • PSU offered jobs
  • IBPS and Banking Jobs
  • State government – SPSC conducted exams
  • Various Departmental separate exams – at State and Centre level


If you are a kind of person who enjoys risks and like to face challenges for the sake of bigger ambitions, then you are in the right position to run your own business though at a small scale. The government is helping such startups through various schemes and you can avail the same to be an entrepreneur. For any difficulties, you can approach the Professional Experts for guidance and directions.

Dear aspirant, you out-rightly have said that you are very much confused regarding your career and courses and I have presented you in above text some of the ways you can go with. I would suggest you take Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test which helps find a right and best-suited career. Be not confused and know yourself and your orientations and inclinations. Apply the following criteria while choosing your courses and career fields and make sure to be firm with them.

  • You are interested in doing/learning things in that concerned field
  • Your decision is informed and not the forced one by family and friends
  • You have already come to know or learned the pros and cons of your chosen field
  • You very clearly know your capacities and will try to improve that in line with the requirements of your academic/job field
  • After all, you are ready to face challenges inherent to every profession
  • You would stick to the decision once taken


Take here - Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test

Dear Aspirant, you know if we think negatively and if remain pessimism then it becomes difficult to understand and recognize the strengths you have in yourself. So, you need a counseling by the Professional Experts which will help you overcome the confusion and you will be having a crystal clear way to be followed and excelled. For further guidance never hesitate to contact Experts/Counselors at CareerGuide. Hope, you would find this helpful!


RE: I am very much confused regarding my courses and career path?

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