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What are most interesting New Age Career options in India?

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RE: What are most interesting New Age Career options in India?

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9 Most Interesting New Age Career Options in India

The Internet and the social media has opened up a world of opportunities. Now people can look beyond the conventional jobs of an engineer, doctor or a teacher and find something that matches their ability and passion. A few years back, people could not think a person can earn well by becoming a standup comedian, a public speaker or a graphic designer. Now these jobs have become 'cool' and well paying. Many people are leaving their cozy nine to five jobs to build their own startups and follow their dreams. Due to this drastic change in the career landscape, some interesting new age career options have blossomed.

 Here is a quick glance at the top 9 interesting new age career options in India at present-

Stand Up Comedian: If you have the knack of cracking witty jokes that can make people roll with laughter, then this career option is suitable for you. Now most news channels also have a comedy and a satire show like Cyrus Broacha's show 'The Week That Wasn't'  on the CNN-News 18 and 'Bakra' on MTV. There are many stand up comedians like Kapil Sharma, Vir Das, Bharti Singh and Sorabh Pant who run their individual shows and their videos have gone viral in the social media. One can perform at any medium and earn a good sum of money for each show. Now this is a lucrative new age career option you can think about.

  E-Retailing: There are a large number of e-commerce sites that are coming up at a fast pace and e-retailing has become a popular job opportunity among youngsters. Nowadays even groceries are available through e-retail sites. The most common e-retail products are apparels and trinkets. People find it feasible to  order apparels at home and try them on instead of going to shops. The easy returns and refunds also make these e-retail sites user-friendly. An e-retail business is driven by huge infrastructure, massive manpower force, and logistics. This is another new age career option that one can choose and enjoy the best benefits.

Graphic Designers: People hardly read pure text anymore so if you want readers to stay on your site then you should add well crafted eye-catching images. Research proves that visuals increase engagement by atleast 10%. So website owners turn towards graphic designers to create these attractive visuals and spice up the content. The increased demand for visuals has given rise to graphic designing as a career or skill. Graphic designers make original sketches based on ideas from their clients and then they use those sketches as the foundation for what will ultimately appear on the web or print. This means that a graphic designer needs to be very good at drawing. To become a successful graphic designer you need to have a good knowledge of fonts, line height, tracking and more. To become a successful graphic designer one must have a good idea about the design platforms like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. They should keep themselves updated with the knowledge of the new design applications. Other than that a graphic designer has to have a deep knowledge about web design, layout, print design, use of colors to convey a meaning and computer programs like Acrobat to become successful. If you have a passion for sketching and painting then you can choose to become a graphic designer. It will give you an opportunity to express your creative thoughts and help you to earn a good income.

App Developers: The mobile revolution and the smartphone surge in India have opened a new career avenue in the employment market. Anyone looking to break into the digital industry from iOS to Android to BlackBerry if there is an app that needs developing then that business will not be short of people to choose from. In the mobile app industry, it's not enough to be skilled in developing apps for just one platform. You have to be versatile and create any sort of app for any sort of device. Employers are always looking out for candidates that have ios, Android and Blackberry coding skills and experience. Once an app goes live in the Apple App Store then users want to be able to purchase it on Google Play store for Android or Blackberry. So as an app developer you have to make the app available and functional on multiple platforms if you want to become more in demand to employers. It takes a lot of brainstorming to come up with creative ideas that can make these apps successful. This is another new age career option that one can choose and make people's life easy.

Wedding Photographers: Weddings are a lavish affair in India and it has contributed to the well paying job of a wedding photographer. With destination weddings, videography and photography of the event have flourished. Apart from wedding photographers, there are wedding filmmakers who are also earning well. So this another unconventional job that is attracting youngsters.

Blogging: Today internet is filled with various kind of content starting from advice to opinion based pieces and editorials. Those who have a flair for writing can start blogging on the subject of their interest and expertise. There are many subjects that you can write on like food, travel, gadgets, interior decoration, current affairs, and fitness. You can make them interesting by adding videos and short films to prove your point. It is a new way to provide information and entertainment for the viewers. This will ensure more traffic for your website or blog page.Thus blogging is another career option where one can create relevant content and influence the Indian readers with their views.

Social Media Handlers: The popularity of social media in India has led to the rise of social media handlers. These professionals are required for marketing of products, companies and much more happening in the digital space.

Reviewers: Starting from restaurants to gadgets people don' rel="nofollow"t buy things without reading multiple reviews about the place or product. Reviewers are paid well to write reviews on restaurants, hotels, and gadgets. There are several sites where one can find such reviews. This out of the box career option is fast picking up its pace.

Storytellers: In the present time when content is the king the place of storytellers and content strategists have become very important. Though storytelling is a dying art, there are many who can feel the pulse of the audience and build up a content that can hook the audience to their story or message. These storytellers who can strike an emotional chord with the audience with their communication skill will be considered as 'game changers' rel="nofollow".This is perhaps the best time for storytellers to come forward with their stories and messages. Companies even hire storytellers to spread a marketing message packaged in a creative story format.

These are the nine new age career options one can choose and make their mark. Some of them are not the typical nine to five jobs, so if you are wedding photographer or videographer you can earn a good sum after shooting in a single day. Many of these career options require creative thinking and thus are more interesting and fun to do on a regular basis. Most important is that you should have the passion and skills to choose these new career avenues.

RE: What are most interesting New Age Career options in India?

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