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I have scored less than 60% in 12th standard. Am I eligible for BBA?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE:  I have scored less than 60% in 12th standard. Am I eligible for BBA?

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Scored less than 60% in 12th? Want admission in BBA? Scoring less a problem? Not at all! Scores are never a barrier to what you want to do. The only consideration is your 'will-power'. Do you want to do something? Are you confident about your decision? Is this 'really' what you want to do? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. If the answer comes out to be a 'yes' then 'no one' can stop you from becoming what you desire to. Not even your scores!


What can you do?

Even if you have scored less than 60%, you are eligible for many courses which are incorrectly assumed to be only for high scorers. One of such course is BBA, Bachelors of Business Administration. Before getting into anything you need to have an idea what you are getting into.


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What is BBA?

BBA is basically a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. It covers almost all the area of 'Business'. It is a full-time, 4-year course offered by almost all universities in India. BBA offers you a broad knowledge as well as allows you to select a particular in which you want to specialize. BBA includes theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. Practical experience will include projects, presentations, internships, first-hand experience through industrial visits and many more.


Who can pursue?

Anyone from either science, commerce and humanities stream can pursue BBA. But the commerce students will always have a upper hand as they would already have a knowledge about Business Studies. It serves a plus point for commerce students and further helps in understanding the course more easily. BBA is all about Business and Commerce.


As I said before, score in any one examination cannot destroy your ambition. You just need to stick to your ambition and follow it. Following are some of the institutes or universities which offer a course in BBA to the students who have scored less than 60%.



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# IILM: Situated at Lodhi Road in New Delhi, this institute provides “Best undergraduate B-School experience”. This school is collaborated with Swiss Business School providing their students an international degree at the end of 3-year program. The institute asks for at least 50% aggregate in your 12th standard. That means even if you have scored less than 60%, you 'are' eligible to apply for BBA in this institute. In words of one of the students of the same college, “IIILM is the best college for BBA in Delhi”


# Amity School of Business: This institute is “ranked as no.1 BBA Institute of Delhi-NCR” by Business and Management Chronicle. This institute asks for 55% in 12th standard. Again a jackpot for students who have scored less than 60%. With the idea of “passion is the differentiator”, the institute is not looking for high scorers but for the 'passionate' people.


# Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU): Commonly known as IPU, this university is one of the best BBA universities for students who have scored less than 60%. This university asks for a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate. You can sit for the entrance exam even if you have scored less than 60%.


# JamiaHamdard: Situated at New Delhi in India, JamiaHamdard has been granted an "A" review esteemed college status by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India.Minimum percentage required for BBA for this institute is 50%. Another way open for the students who have scored less than 60%. This institute also provides Distance Education Courses. Now the knowledge will come at your doorstep. All you need to do is open the doors of your mind and let the knowledge flow in.


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# PDM University: This university, located in Bahadurgarh, welcomes students who have scored less than 60% for BBA courses. As stated by the University, it is “home to one of the world's top class technologies in the globe”. This university allows you to explore your minds in different fields. The University claims to provide “a first class experience for students”.


The universities mentioned are some of many other institutes who do not ask for a high score.

Want to pursue BBA? Scored less than 60 percent? Never a problem! Don't go for overrated universities. There are other universities which provide education that is adequate enough to be successful. Always remember, Scores are 'just' a number. 'Do not' let them ever decide your future.


RE:  I have scored less than 60% in 12th standard. Am I eligible for BBA?

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