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I passed 12tth in 2013 can I do aircraft maintenance engineering and and any other engineering, both in one time

Naman choubey bina . I want to be a cs engineer

by Naman Choubey
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3 answers

RE: I passed 12tth in 2013 can I do aircraft maintenance engineering and and any other engineering, both in one time

Preeti Taneja
Preeti Taneja
Verified Career Expert
Dy. Manager Education & Counselling, Welspun India Limited
  • Chandigarh

Engineers lay down the technological and industrial infrastructure of a country. To be a successful engineer one must a scientific temper, an analytical mind, numerical ability, imagination, problem solving nature , interest in technological development & logical reasoning.

Aircraft maintenance engineering training is conducted over to three and a half year. At least 50% in plus two with Physics, chemistry and math are suitable for admission. Institutes imparting training under the prescribed curriculumshould be approved by DGCA. Training is offered at various institutions in the country. An aircraft maintenance engineer is responsible for the control, maintenance and repair of specialized aircraft instrumentation and related parts of the aircrafts. They also learn to set engine controls and to test for their correct functioning. They play major role among the maintenancestaff to keep the aircraft run smoothly at all types. The major types of specialized courses in aircraft maintenance engineering are light airframe, heavy airframe,jet engine, radio navigation, electrical systems, instrument system, piston engine and heavy aero plane.

RE: I passed 12tth in 2013 can I do aircraft maintenance engineering and and any other engineering, both in one time

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

I am amazed to see you have aspiration to study two subjects at the same time. While i can congratulate you for such ambitions i am sorry to tell you that our Indian education system does not permit any student to study two degree at the same time. This is mainly because the indian education system believes that only when a student can put enough time in one subject to learn and practice it for considerable number of years, only then he or she could develop with the subject and as well be able to contribute to the economy. Therefore i highly recommend you to stick to one part of engineering that is either computer science or aircraft maintenance.

You have stated that you want to become a computer engineer. Then why dont you study BENG/ BTECH Computer science engineering? Have you studied computer science and maths subject at 12th level school? You can do engineering in computer science only if you have compulsorily studied computer science and maths. If you have studied biology instead of computer science then you may not be eligible to apply for computer science but could be eligible to apply for aircraft maintenance engineering. So i can conclude that if you studied physics, chemistry and computer science you can apply for BSc degree in computer science else if you studied physics, chemistry, maths and computer science the you can apply for BE/ BTECH in computer science. If you have not studied computer science at all but have studied maths at least then you can do aircraft maintenance engineering only.

To do aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) you should have passed 12th level with a minimum over all 50% and compulsorily studied physics and maths as main subjects. You should also have an aggregate of 50% in these two subjects. If you meet this criteria then you can apply to study at Indian institute of aircraft engineering and their website is This is a three year diploma program and please understand that it is not a degree level program like that of the engineering. However completing this diploma, you still have work opportunities at airport as a flight technician or a maintenance engineer. You will be often work only at the airport attending flights that has technical difficulties before taking off or landing. You will also conduct periodic inspection of flights before they are ready to fly. This is known as ground level technician job and you will be usually employed by the airline only. For knowing about job vacancies, you should check on the individual career websites of each airline. The work is promising in this field but you should carefully check if you want computer science engineering or AME course. All the best.

RE: I passed 12tth in 2013 can I do aircraft maintenance engineering and and any other engineering, both in one time

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I understand your interest in engineering but unfortunately our Indian education policies doesn't allow students to pursue two degrees at the same time. You have mentioned your interest in doing aircraft maintenance engineering and also want to be a computer science engineer. While it is appreciating to see your varied interest, it is essential to focus on one direction of engineering branch. Therefore you should choose whether you want to do Computer science engineering or aircraft maintenance engineering.

To identify what engineering branch suits you the best, you can spare a few minutes to take up the psychometric assessment available from this website. Taking up the test you will be able to evaluate your strengths and interests to the core and that will facilitate if you can choose computer science or aircraft maintenance engineering.

If you want to do aircraft maintenance engineering, you can enrol in a AME course that runs for 3 to 31/2 years depending on the college and internship opportunities. To study AME, it is required to have compulsorily studied physics, chemistry and maths at 12th level. Chemistry may be an exemption at some colleges though. IIAE is a famous institute offering aircraft maintenance engineering course for 12th level completed students in India. You can visit their website for more details, Please look for DGCA approved aircraft maintenance engineering colleges. Completing this course you can work for airlines in their technical ground department.

Alternatively if you wish to study computer science, you can choose to study BSc Computer science or even B.E./ B.Tech computer science. To study this course at college level, it is essential to have compulsorily studied maths and computer science at 12th level. Other subjects are exemptions. If you haven' rel="nofollow"t studied maths at 12th level then choosing BSc computer science and then progressing to MSc/ MCA and then finally a PhD computer science. Else you can also do a BE/ BTech and then an MTech and finally a PhD Computer science. Completing a PhD level, you can also work at colleges and universities as a lecturer or a Professor. Else you can also choose to work in corporates as a Computer science engineer or a software developer or even an application developer. As your interest navigates while studying you will be better able to focus on where you want to work. So choose your decision wisely and craft your career accordingly. Hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: I passed 12tth in 2013 can I do aircraft maintenance engineering and and any other engineering, both in one time

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