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The work of an aircraft maintenance engineer involves installation, maintenance, repair of the aircraft engines, frames and mechanic parts. They make use of special instruments that detect the defective components and demand to be replaced. The job of an aircraft engineer can be quite a strenuous one as the work involves completion of projects and tasks within short time duration. Some aircraft engineers specialize in vehicles like air planes, helicopters and jets whereas some may work in the system designing like engines and hydraulics. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Aircraft Maintenance Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

I would strongly suggest that you do your engineering graduation as a regular degree. AMIE is recognised body. It is not AICTE or MHRD approval since its an autonomous body. AMIE Engineering graduates are not preferred by industry and so I would ask you to pursue full time regular graduation from a recognised University and Institute. Doing graduation through as a regular course always helps in the long run. AMIE though is a good body, I would not suggest you to take it as a short cut. After graduation, if you feel to do your masters, then the graduation degree pursued full time and on regular

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An aircraft maintenance engineer is responsible for the control, maintenance and repair of specialized aircraft instrumentation and related parts of the aircraft. They also acquire skills to set engine controls and to test for their correct functioning. They play a major role among the maintenance staff to keep the aircraft airworthy at all times. The maintenance of modern sophisticated aircrafts calls for high degree of technical knowledge , competence , proficiency , dexterity and integrity on part of concerned personnel. Aircraft engineers research, design, manufacture and ma

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Dear aspirant Thank you for approaching counsellors at You have stated in your query that you have completed aircraft maintenance engineering i think it is a diploma program right? So now after completing this diploma what to do next? Ask yourself if you want to study or if you want to work? If you want to work, then you should choose companies that recruit you as flight technicians. As a flight technician you will most often be working at the ground level at an airport. This role is often known as ground technician jobs which means you will be responsible for attending t

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Hello Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I understand your interest in engineering but unfortunately our Indian education policies doesn't allow students to pursue two degrees at the same time. You have mentioned your interest in doing aircraft maintenance engineering and also want to be a computer science engineer. While it is appreciating to see your varied interest, it is essential to focus on one direction of engineering branch. Therefore you should choose whether you want to do Computer science engineering or aircraft maintenance engineering. To identify

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What is Avionics?Avionics deals mainely with electroninc in Aviation. That means you get to know about electroninc equipmemts used for controlling the aircraft engine, directions, speed etc, also equipment that tells the pilot where he is, whether he is climbing up at a a desired rate, is he landing in the airport and so on.....A graduate in electronics and communications will learn a lot about these, but emphasis is on radar, communication equipment, radio altimeter and such terms you cannot understand unless you study them.It is a good subject, and has a promising future with usage of aircra

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No, there is no aspects like you have asked. You would have to give a complete time that is demanded for the course. Yes but if you want to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer than I can suggest you the college i.e SAME (School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) located in Greater Noida India. The main thing about the college to consider is that they are the college of Interglobe group. The group that have their own Airline (INDIGO AIRLINE) which definite manifold the placement opportunities. 

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