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I want to become a professor of Material Science Engineering. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Can you suggest a right solution to it

by Arya Vasudev
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RE: I want to become a professor of Material Science Engineering. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Thank you for approaching counsellors at Before we go into the topic please allow me to introduce myself first. I am Gomathi and I am the Managing director of GV Consulting group based in Bangalore. I am into this counselling since 23 years for now and i specialise in education and career counselling for students and everyone. So lets go into the topic now.

First of all to become a professor a phd qualification is mandatory. I will brief you how to study for a phd and how to become a professor.
  • You need to pass 10th class with a minimum first class. This is known as +10 qualification.
  • You need to pass 12th class with a minimum first class. This is known as +2 qualification.
  • You need to pass a three year bachelors degree like BA/ BSc with a minimum first class degree and this is known as +3 qualification or you need to pass a four year bachelor degree like a BEng/ BTech with a minimum first class and this is known as +4 qualification. As you want to be a professor in material science, you should either study BE/BTech in Material science or BE/BTech in Mechanical engineering with material science. It is mandatory and the first eligibility criteria for everyone to follow this either +10+2+3 pattern or +10+2+4 pattern. This is the basic criteria for applying to a phd degree and there is no excuse for that. Also please be aware that if you are not from reservation category, you need a minimum first class that is 60% throughout all degrees since school and if you are from reserved category you need at least 55% as minimum score. So completing a basic bachelors degree you can apply for a PhD in Material science.If you want to do a PhD in IIT institutions, you need GATE score, UGC-NET or CSIR score for applying a PhD. If you also require monthly stipend, you need UGC-JRF score. If you are not focussing IIT institutions, you only need a UGC-NET score and UGC-JRF score if you also want stipend.
  • Now you can either apply for a PhD after Bachelors but lots of students do prefer applying PhD after a Masters too. you can do ME/ MTecg Material science engineering and now again, with your Masters %, UGC-NET, UGC-JRF you can apply for a PhD.
  • Completing a Phd, you get a Doctorate degree and this degree qualifies you for a post 'Assistant professor' at colleges and universities. After 2-3 years of good performance you will be promoted as a Professor.

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