The typical day of a Material Science Engineer is spent like this:Material Science Engineers have to understand the chemistry behind the materials in order to develop new ones. Therefore they study a lot to develop the understanding.They conduct tests and experiments on different types of materials in the laboratories.The data is collected from different experiments.They analyze the data samples that they have taken and work on them to draw the conclusions.They are also responsible for developing new methods of testing, material processing and maintaining inventories. They work with the s

You will have to choose M.Tech+Ph.D. degree at least after your engineering degree to [become a researcher in Material Science][1]. You have to apply for M.Tech or M.Tech+Ph.D. dual degree. Please prepare yourself for a good GATE/NET score so that you will be eligible for a Fellowship (UGC/DBT/CSIR/DST/JRF-SRF) /Teaching Assistance-ship (mostly in IITs) during your research. You can apply for M.Tech or M.Tech+Ph.D. dual degree even without GATE/NET score. Many good ranked autonomous deemed universities have their own entrance exams for fellowship as well as for admission. You have to keep

In India I feel that the best career pathway for a Material Science Engineer nowadays is research. I will suggest you to complete your M.Tech and Ph.D. degrees so that you can work in any research lab or in Research & Development (R&D) department of any good Industry. Now there are handsome fellowships in India as well as abroad to work as a research scientist after completing your M.Tech or Ph.D. degree. Next pathway is to join a manufacturing Industry as a Engineer. You can complete your MBA either sponsored or part-time so that you can develop your managerial and administrative skil

As you can see in this image you will find the agglomeration of different field related to Materials Science. Material Science is basically deals with the materials. In the 21st Century world is changing so fast it needs more and more new materials and composites day by day. As you have not mentioned your background I will not be able to suggest best option for you but I will try to give a birds view on all the related field to material science. You can choose what best suits you according to your interest and background. Nanotechnology is a upcoming science which can be applied in material sc

The material science engineering consists of a study of materials which includes metals, plastics/polymers, ceramics, glass, and composites. Today the upcoming technology or the challenges in this fields are the processing, purification, alternative composites. Many traditional materials are nowadays replaced by the upcoming new better materials or replaced with composites. Composites are nothing but the combination of two or more materials. These materials are blended such that they exhibit better performance, properties than their parent materials. For example most of the metals are now repl

Everything we see and use is made of materials : cars, airplanes, computers , refrigerators, microwave ovens, TVs, dishes , silverware, athletic equipment of all types, DVDs and bio medical devices such as replacement joints and limbs. All of these require materials specifically tailored for their application. Specific properties are required that results from carefully selecting the materials and from controlling the manufacturing processes used to convert the basic materials into the final engineered product. Exciting new product developments frequently are possible only through new material

Dear Aspirant, Choose your career based on your interests along with percentage. This combination should be there while choosing the career option. Please take the Ideal Career Test from This is a psychometric test which will help you understand and know some things about yourself like aptitude, interests, innate abilities, etc.  Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, According to me, there are no formal and genuine online cosmetic science courses. I would suggest you to do a formal classroom and laboratory based course to get command over cosmetic science. For such kind of too technical and scientific domain knowledge, please do not rely on free and / or online courses. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, With Science, there are plenty of options. However, it is important to decide and know which option is suitable to you based on your aptitude, interests. Always choose a career option which suits your interests so that you do not get frustration and disappointment. In science, there are careers based on Maths & Physics, based on Biology, based on Chemistry, etc.  To begin with I would suggest you to take the Ideal Career Test from careerguide. This psychometric test will analyse you interests, aptitude, likings, etc. and suggest you the ideal career. IF you decide your

Dear Anu, Thanks for putting up your question here! It would have been better, if you could provided details of your education qualification  and specialization in psychology. Psychology is vast field. It has many specialization: school psychology, clinical, counseling, industrial etc. Clinical, school, counseling and industrial psychology branches are popular in India. Psychologists work in hospital, clinics, NGO, corporate and academics. For any job, masters in minimum requirement now a days. MPhil or PhD is essential to practice as a psychologist. With Best Wishes, Apurva Kumar Pandya,