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I want to know about my career in management field I love to manage people and like to work like a manager in the company can I become boss

Love to manage people

by Sahil Sharma
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5 answers

RE: I want to know about my career in management field I love to manage people and like to work like a manager in the company can I become boss

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear student....

first of all thank you for coming to CareerGuide and asking your query to us , it is always our pleasure to answer your query and answer it to help and guide you in the best possible way we can.

Here you will be guided to the best suitable option for you with the years of experience of the experts.

Coming to your query I would like to suggest you to go for management studies like MBA master in business management in any line you are interested like finance, marketing, human resource, etc.

You need to tell all the details about your back ground and qualification so that we can guide you better as in current query your current status like now you are in which level whether your graduation is over or you are still in inter only, as to do MBA you need to first complete your graduation and then only you can go for the course as this is a master degree course and can be pursued after completing your bachelor degree only.

Again after completing MBA you need to apply for management level jobs as manager marketing or manager finance or manager HR etc, which is the work of a management and leading a team and guiding them in their day to day work and responsibilities.

It would have been better if you could have given your proper details with all the explanations.Hope you got some sort of insight to how you can reach to a management level position and get a job there to fulfill your dream of managing people and becoming a boss. Do come back with all the relevant details and proper clarity to get the best answer and fill satisfied. So we will also feel good by giving you a right career choice and help you to succeed in your future.

all the best for a fright future ahead and have a successful career path in life.

Thank you

RE: I want to know about my career in management field I love to manage people and like to work like a manager in the company can I become boss

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear...

Reading your query made me smile since I felt that you want to do Bossing around... Hahahha.. so funny... Anyways, I really appreciate that you approached CareerGuide for seeking guidance to your career query.

You say you love to manage people! What do you mean exactly??? Do you manage friends excellently, or manage family members or some other experience? My Dear, with just one instance one cannot judge that one can manage people and love to manage them. Managing People is a highly complicated thing and mastery on this can be acquired through years of experience. Anyways.

You say that you like to work like a MANAGER in a company. I feel that you have seen somebody bossing around in a company and therefore this made you think that bossing around is a JOB. My Dear, to be a boss, you have to firstly and majorly slog and get experience as a junior first so that you know the work exactly and how it is to be done and what efforts and dedication it takes to complete the work and that too satisfactorily.

For being a MANAGER, you have to first master the work yourself and then you are eligible and capable of delegating it to your juniors.

Education wise, these days doing an MBA is required to learn the management skills, which includes bossing around... hahahahha

You can do MBA in Human Resource Management since you love people and manage them.My colleague Ms. Sonia Agrawal has already briefed you about the way ahead. But I would like to tell you that do not take education to boss around on people, since bossing is never appreciated in the industry and always team work is required and expected.

Best Luck

RE: I want to know about my career in management field I love to manage people and like to work like a manager in the company can I become boss

Ashwani  Mohan
Ashwani Mohan

Dear aspirants first of all I would like to congratulate you to have a good and clear goal in your life. Before pursuing your career in Management, you must be aware about Management and personality attributes of yourself. Management is the process of organising, directing and controlling human efforts for accomplishing the predetermined goals by Organisation. The survival and growth of any institutions and the rising expectations and aspirations of the people can only be realised by efficient Management. Every organisation requires the making decision, the coordinating activities, the handling people, and the evaluation of performance directed toward group objectives. Main characteristics of Management is the integration and application of the knowledge and analytical approaches developed by numerous disciplines.

As you want to adorn your career in the field of Management, you must have good personality attributes like :
A well groomed personality, effective communication and presentation skills
Ability to work together as team member to team leader and respond well to your team members
Leadership competence
Interest and ability to apply analytical and critical thinking to situations
Ability to adapt to the changing situations, to accept changes, welcome it and use it for growth.
Good decision making skills
Creative and innovative approach to apply concepts to achieve high performance.
There are various sectors in the field of Management like: Human Resource Development, Production Management, Marketing Management, Retail management, International business and Finance management.

A student with MBA degree from good Institution can get placed in good company as an Assistant manager or Trainee manager first one or two year, after this the same student can be manager. Management duties of a Manager are concerned likeDecision making, Organising, Staffing, Planning, controlling, communicating and directing. When you are going to take admission in University or institute for MBA, you must check wether University is University Grant commission recognised or not, Wether Institute is AICTE approved or Not. Always try to get admission in good University or institute, which have good track record of Students placement .

There are various challenges for managers in every organisations. Management must keep abreast of changing conditions and supply foresight and imagination. Constructing better economic society, enhance social standard and more efficient government will be challenge for the management.

Good Luck!

RE: I want to know about my career in management field I love to manage people and like to work like a manager in the company can I become boss

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I appreciate your interest in managing people and also want it as a career. This straight away explains that you either need a managing degree or else need some years of experience to be promoted to manager level.

So what are you currently doing? Are you at school/ college/ currently working? If working then what was your basic bachelors degree in? Have you gained some amount of work experience? Please ask these questions to yourself. Managing people is an important skill in studying business degree and also working as a manager. This plainly says that you are qualified to work as a manager.

So now, if you are at school at 10th level, try choosing Maths, business studies and English as mandatory subjects at 11th and 12th. If you are in 12th level, then with no second thoughts apply for the BBA Bachelor of Business administration degree. This is a three year degree and compelting this you will be initially starting work only at an entry level position like the management trainee, Business analyst, HR analyst, Marketing analyst, Operations analyst, project analyst and so on.

If you have already completed Bachelors degree and are currently working some where and also if you have not crossed more than two years of work experience until now then you are qualified to do PGP - Post graduate program in Management anywhere across India. A minimum of two years work experience will help you stand better at the admission tests and interviews conducted by the Bschools. You should also give yourself enough time to prepare for CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ GMAT exams as scoring a very high percentile in either of these exams will give you a lead to study at top b schools. Completing this program, you will be more often qualified to work as a Manager directly.

In case you have got work experience between 2-10 years then you can also consider studying an MBA. An MBA is a professional degree qualifying management students to work in higher status roles. Completing an MBA you will be more often placed in Senior management roles provided if you have a minimum of 6 years prior work experience.

Next, if you are a person with more than 10 years of work experience then you are well qualified to study an executive PGPM/ Executive MBA program. Completing this will give you leadership roles in companies, please understand manager and a leader is very different. This is the scale of growth and prospects with an MBA degree and I hope it well served your purpose. All the best.

RE: I want to know about my career in management field I love to manage people and like to work like a manager in the company can I become boss

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, many thank fro your question, here you have not mentioned that what is your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. In way the will definitely help you solve your query. As you have mentioned that you wish to become manger in your career and you want to be a boss in the office. I really appreciate your career pathway which you want to achieve.

The manager in any company is a responsible person, who has academic background of management.

If you are in school, then you should opt BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and then MBA, you may do MBA in human resource or marketing, but in my opinion you should better do MBA in human resource. You should have English as one of the subject since schooling, this is very important that you will have good command over English language and the subjects you will study will be in English.

Marketing Manager

If you are working some where and you are simple graduate, even then you can do part time or correspondence MBA. There are many institutes and universities (Indira Gandhi National Open University, Kota University, Amity University) which offer MBA by correspondence. If you do not wish to go for MBA then you may opt for Post Graduate diploma in Management. On the other hand you may go for a degree in finance.

Let me tell you one thing, to become a boss is easy but it is very difficult to manage the things nicely for long time. Initially you have to join the office as Assistant manager, then in long run you will be promoted to Manager. To be a successful person in any field, one has to be very intelligent and sensible to understand the other people. This you can learn by experience and by developing strong interpersonal skills. It means that you have to have strong communication, verbal, negotiation, anger management skills.

Since you have to manage people of every level, your juniors, seniors, colleagues and also mostly clients, therefore your qualities like leadership, decision making, interpretation of peoples opinion will matter a lot.

Above all, the humanity angle in you to deal with the people will be very important. Therefore, you should also learn from your bosses or manager how they behave or manage the things. Pick right things from them and inculcate in you.

With all my best wishes,

Good Luck...

RE: I want to know about my career in management field I love to manage people and like to work like a manager in the company can I become boss

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