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MBA in Mass Communication after BBA

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: MBA in Mass Communication after BBA

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BBA qualified graduate is of course eligible to pursue MBA in Mass Communication but it is always advisable to consult a counsellor before going for it. Actually whatever course one chooses to opt for he or she should go through the proper homework on it. One should be very familiar with the option one will get after passing the course. Now another important thing one should consider is that whether one will fit into the job profile after the course is over. How lucrative is the market for such course. Never forget that the packages of these courses are not small.

Why MBA in Mass Communication after BBA

MBA is mass communication is a course in which one get to e thorough in the field of television, press, print media and advertising, journalism and acting. Along with these the curriculum teaches one to enhance the skill of writing, speaking and be exceptionally good in communication in all the languages like English, Hindi and vernacular language. Way of speaking has to be very bold and assertive. Good personality matters a lot in the field of Mass Communication because it is such a profession and course in which one gets to get the opportunity to get along with different kind of people with different personalities. The Curriculum of MBA in Mass communication talks a lot of interpersonal skills where they equip the candidate with such quality.

Now if the candidate thinks that one can cope up with all these qualities then one should not give a second thought after BBA and should immediately get themselves enrolled in MBA with specialization in Mass Communication.

Mass media or mass communication is directly connected to the masses through different means and forms. This is one of the most influential and dynamic industry in today’s world of business. Not a single product can be sold out without the interference of the media houses with their advertising capability which actually takes the product to a new height.

The industry of mass media or mass communication in the year of inception started out with newspaper and magazines as a means to connect with the people all round the globe. Today with the growth of the technology the description of media widened a lot with the incorporation of TV, radio, Internet and other media arenas.

Professionals in media or mass communication play a very significant role for the growth of any country as they have easy accessibility among the masses. The influence which the media has over the life of the masses is immense and dynamic. All these aggressive nature of work of the media professionals attract the Bachelor students to take up the course in MA even.


A BBA candidate has to score minimum of 50% marks from any recognized university or college. This marks is not enough for the admission. The candidate should minimum of 60% marks in NMAT, 500 marks in MAT, 75% in Cat/XAT and the GMAT score should be 500. Apart from this criteria some universities and Institutes have their own screening process through their own set of examination which is comprised of written and Personal Interview.

The Admission Officer should be convinced with the ability of the candidate as to whether he or she will be able to cope up with the huge curriculum of the two year full time course.

The BBA Candidate is expected to bag some working experience at least for one year because it will help the candidate himself to relate to the studies conducted within the course.

Course Structure:

Two year full time courses comprises of four semesters. In the first year there are two semesters and in the second year there are two semesters. In these two years the candidate is well equipped not only with the media business but all about other businesses as the media and mass communication professionals are not confined to the media and press world where as they are well connected with every product of the society from FMCG, Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, Government and many more. Keeping in mind the wide array of choice the course is designed accordingly helping the student to be well associated with every corner of the globe.

The MBA in Mass communication is such a course which deals with Mass media Industry, Consumer behavior, Accounts, managerial skills, marketing skills, organizational behavior, statistics for Management, Self-development, Interpersonal skills, Foreign business Language, Country report which includes SAP, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Legal Aspects of the Business, Operational Management and other elective course. It also deals with extensive course of Advertising, Media Studies, Mass Communication, Film, Acting, editing, Print Media, broadcasting media, New Media Industry and many more. In one word a BBA candidate will do full justice to himself if he or she opts for MBA in Mass Communication as the course in most of the universities and Institutes helps his or her with a thorough knowledge of subject.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: MBA in Mass Communication after BBA

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