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I cant afford regular mba so I have opted for distance mba from smu. is it worth?

Dear Ma'am. .I did my graduation in hotel operations from the oberoi group and now I am also learning french from embassy of france and wanted to do mba but my parents cant afford a regular mba college so I have opted for distance mba from smu. Is it ok?? Also I would like to know that I am thinkin of hr as specialisation. Is there a gud scope for mba hr or should I opt for something else. Yhe other option I thoight is international business. Please help.

by Cherry Verma
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2 answers

RE: I cant afford regular mba so I have opted for distance mba from smu. is it worth?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Distance MBA has been created to help students who are unable to pursue an MBA program either due to financial crunch or job restrictions.

SMU, being one of the premier institute for distance learning, you have selected one of the best institutes.
So no worry there.

If it is HR, then ask few questions to yourself before you take a plunge:

Important here is that since it is a distance learning course, it would be more theoretical and a little practical. So for a better understanding of the subject better, get yourself enrolled in the HR department of the organization where you currently work.

As far as International Business is concerned, if you are interested in setting up your own business, it definitely will help you. Or best is to work and get few years of experience which helps you in terms of market study and trends, which will aid you in terms of setting up your own business in future...

All the very best.....

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RE: I cant afford regular mba so I have opted for distance mba from smu. is it worth?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur

Dear candidate,

You have a very good career profile so far and from graduating with a Hotel operations degree, why have you decided to pursue an MBA? There are plenty of Masters level courses within the field of hotel operations and why have you not chosen to study them and instead opted to do the MBA. Your intention to pursue MBA looks desperate as you are inclined to do it atleast by distance though not being a full time student. I know plenty of students who think MBA as a destiny subject in their career and for the same reason, with irrelevant to their background, they get on to pursue the MBA. You may well go for the MBA but I would like to request you to double check if you feel MBA will really be needed for you and your future career. Otherwise no harm with this decision.

Before I advice further, I would sincerely request you to take the psychometric assessment available on this website. It will test your personality, work skills, subject aptitude and declare whether or not MBA is right for you. If the test mentions you to be an ideal candidate for the MBA, please go head with enough confidence.

Distance MBA?
Distance MBA has been launched for people who have funding and time restrictions. Please do not do the MBA just because everyone are doing it. Almost 75% of the distance MBA candidates study it just because of having the MBA degree after their name and hardly 25% study it by distance because of funding restrictions. You may have the MBA degree but I am being honest, the job prospects with the distance MBA are almost very low compared to the full time MBA. Though SMU is a good university, I would suggest applying for some educational loan or finding some low MBA fee reputed business schools in India to do a full time MBA instead of a distance MBA.

Only the fulltime MBA is deemed to be a standard one when it comes to job prospects. You are given more lively group sessions, case studies interaction in full time MBA and almost all these go absent in distance MBA. "Interacting, discussing, team working, organizing, problem solving, communication are the skills essential for work and all these could only develop when you sit in a lively class room environment to work in groups and solve MBA case studies. These sessions almost act as a rehearsal for your team working and team building skills at work. Not to mention, the salary prospects are also high for fulltime MBA than the distance MBA. I am not discouraging you to study MBA by distance but I am just here to explain to you the advantages and potential benefits of doing the MBA at regular college.

Why dont you find some low MBA fee college? Faculty of management studies, University of Delhi is a reputed business school that offers a very low MBA tuition fee in India. I would sincerely suggest you to consider applying to this university. They only charge 20000 per annum and its about 40000 for two year. You could manage 40000 compared to the high fees in lakhs. Yet you can easily avail educational loan and I believe 40000 edu loan is quite easy to get. You could repay the loan amount once you get a full time job after studies. Approach any national bank in India and they could advice you on the educational loan process. Once you complete your MBA from FMS Delhi, your minimum starting salary could range from 40000+ per month and this way you could repay the loan in a month or two after you are salaried. Simple right? To be eligible to apply for FMS, you need to have a high score in CAT.

Coming over to HR:
HR is definitely one of the people oriented branches of management. It is booming and never degrading and it is indeed a good field with high job prospects. You can do MBA HR at FMS Delhi. Or for now join any recruitment agency and do a certification course in HR/ Recruitment. These certification courses wont cost you as much as the MBA does and these certificates will help you progress within HR too.

International business:
You may do this subject only if you are planning to stay in hotel industry. Otherwise sticking with HR is more appropriate. Lots of people think, international business is for people running business internationally. Its totally wrong. Almost every company across the world has international branches and hotel business is one among them. Studying this you may understand how to manage a business across borders and also how to run a business across borders.

If I were you I would try my best to give a shot with FMS Delhi for the MBA HR. Hope this helps. My best wishes to you.

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RE: I cant afford regular mba so I have opted for distance mba from smu. is it worth?

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