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Shall i do mba

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2 answers

RE: Shall i do mba

Deepti Khandekar
Deepti Khandekar
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< p > Dear apurba das

It was a nice talking to you.

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RE: Shall i do mba

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

Please also share here what education level you are currently and whether you are working or not.

Doing MBA is a very good thought and a life long creation of potential to grow. However, not every manager is an MBA and not every MBA is a Manager. Going with that thought, it is very important for you to understand why do you feel to do MBA and whether it is really required?

If you think that doing MBA will give you fantastic jobs at the start then that is a myth and not always true.

Doing MBA is ideal when you have a work experience of atleast 5 years in the domain and you wish to climb the management ladre by taking the leadership roles.

Best wishes


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