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Should I Study UG in India or in abroad for achieving my goal of being an astrophysicsist

I want to be an astro-physicist and I know the courses that I should take, the only problem is whether to study UG in India or abroad where there is a course, B.Sc. Astronomy & Astrophysics.

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2 answers

RE: Should I Study UG in India or in abroad for achieving my goal of being an astrophysicsist

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

First of all I must congratulate for your plan to join astrophysics at UG level, accordingly look at the institutes for your concern program as we know each university or institute is known for its specific strength and it is common everywhere like MIT is famous for science and technology, London School of economics is known for economics and commerce similarly each individual has its own focused area. Therefore you first get familiar with the universities country wise then do the analysis at course structure level and its smooth functioning at that institute.

As you have asked that abroad university will be better or indian university, without taking much time i must say american universities, European universities having advance approach for such study wheras India is also doing better job in chasing them but still far behind in terms of technological and research implementations.
Before joining any program at any institute one must understand the overall profile like student faculty ratio, faculty strength in terms of academic achievement, ongoing research, publication and patent contribution to the research society.
Try to understand the subject of your interest at international acceptability level which will give you glances about the subject that how astrophysics serve the society and in return humanity is being benefited at large.

Being a student you must review the subject and see the implicability in your life accordingly you understand that how this subject suits you and whether you will justify the subject or not. Why I am discussing these points? Yes these are all relevant gossip before joining any subject becoz you are going to spend money, time and your effort and after spending all these you will ask your indicate your parents that this subject is not worthy for me and you will be into the regression mode.

Better you do it in advance and then decide an institute and explore its course structure, tution fee mode of entry at admission level, study visa procedure and whether you have self sponsorship or going to avail the external agencies.

For your reference explore NASA website and it alliance institutes at international level, you see out own space research organization and its colleborative organizations at international level then make your mind to go for that.

RE: Should I Study UG in India or in abroad for achieving my goal of being an astrophysicsist

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
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Thank you for choosing CareerGuide and writing to us. I understand you would like to study Bachelors course related to Astronomy and Astrophysics and you are questioned whether to study in India or abroad. Studying UG in India or abroad really matters on how far you could develop or engage yourself with the subject. At undergraduate level, I think you could start your education in India and may be you could go abroad for your MSc and a PhD? But I also would like to specify that, if you are focusing on a research oriented career in future, studying UG abroad will be of a lot help. Foreign universities are highly ranked in terms of their research aptitudes compared to Indian institutions but I am not aiming to say that Indian Institutions are poorly ranked. India is still developing with this course compared to foreign universities and their research facilities.

Astronomy and Astrophysics is a booming branch in India and has got a lot of potential. I can guide you through some of the Universities in India, UK and rest of the world that are reputed for this particular subject. If you are considering a foreign study, you should also consider the costs it may incur on you for a three year degree. You may expect to spend around 40-50 lakh for this three year degree but with India, you wouldn't pay such high costs. In principle, if I were you, considering the cost factor it involves at UG level, I would prefer studying Undergraduate in India and would develop my subject knowledge very well. I may then consider doing a Masters abroad and seek scholarship support to fund my studies. This is what I did in my own life. Few parents could afford their children to study abroad at UG level but not every parent could do. If you aspire studying abroad, you can still study at a Masters level. Masters degree scholarships are abundant compared to UG scholarships in foreign countries. Masters degree wouldn't cost you more than 15-18lakh compared to what it takes you at a UG level abroad. I understand your interest in this subject.

I would suggest studying UG in India would be appropriate and as well develop your subject knowledge. Why don't you prove your subject interest by writing a research paper during your final year of UG in India? India has esteemed professors in this subject and I am sure being a student under them will reward you. When you are in your final year of UG, try to give exams like the GRE if you choose USA as your Masters education destination. I don't think UK, Australia requires GRE for a Masters admission. Prepare yourself as an outstanding academic student in this subject by proving with high GPA and writing one or two research papers. It will help you get Masters degree admission at esteemed universities and could also help you win scholarships. If you still want to study abroad at a UG level, check out if your parents can afford 40-50 lakh for a three year degree. Else, try for scholarships if the university offers for UG students. I don't think if you can get 100% scholarship support for a UG level but you could probably get some tuition fee discounts. If UK, you may get some 2000-8000pounds discount every year if you have high academic achievements. This will considerably reduce up to 10-20 lakh over all for a three year degree.But it depends on the university who grant scholarships and their funding availability.

Here are some reputed universities that you may consider applying for this course. To inform you, B.Sc Astronomy or Astrophysics are not offered by Indian Institutions but you can study B.Sc Physics and choose Astronomy and Astrophysics as your main elective/major in your B.Sc.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore andBits Pilani offers B.Sc Physics degree with majoring in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Their labs are attached on campus and you can definitely engage as a student researcher which will be highly rewarding.
Internship or visiting student opportunities in India:
After you complete your B.Sc Physics with major in Astronomy and Astrophysics, you can probably try doing an internship at
1.IISC Bangalore
2.Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai
4. Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore,
5. Raman Research Institute
Short courses in Astronomy and Astrophysics in India: You can consider doing short course at Indian centre for Radio Astrophysics to complement your BSc Physics degree. The link for the site is here.

UK: Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, The University of Edinburgh, University College London, University of Manchester, University of Glasgow, University of Birmingham, University of Nottingham, University of Bristol, University of Leeds, University of York, University of Sheffield are highly reputable and recognised universities in UK.
USA: USA universities offer this subject as an elective in B.Sc Physics degree and some good universities for this are MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Wisconsin Madison, Maryland college Park, Rice, Texas A&M, UCLA, Berkeley, UCSD, Cornell, Duke, Washington, Purdue and Pittsburgh.

Hope this briefing helps you. Very good luck with your education.

RE: Should I Study UG in India or in abroad for achieving my goal of being an astrophysicsist

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