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Want to do mba with the course fee around 4lacks

I am in bba 3rd year with the experience of 5 years in inox multiplex. But higher secondary Marks below 50%. Which mba college would be better for me in terms of placement

by Sukamal Dey
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3 answers

RE: Want to do mba with the course fee around 4lacks

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Considering your BBA and five years of work experience already earned, I think you are an ideal candidate for doing an MBA. Are you doing BBA full time or through distance learning and are you currently working in Inox Multiplex? I would suggest you two paths taking into supposition that you are working and you are not working. Firstly if you are working and doing your BBA through distance learning or doing it full time but not attending classes, you should leave your job and do MBA. I would have suggested you part time MBA or executive MBA, but the condition for admission to this type of MBA is that you should be graduate and then have work experience after completing your graduation. Therefore I would not suggest part time or executive MBA. Regarding your HSC marks of 50% and below, actually they do not matter. What majorly matters is your marks in graduation. Therefore I would suggest you to really concentrate and study seriously to earn a first class in BBA or at least higher second class in BBA. After your BBA you can apply for MBA by first attempting the Entrance Tests like CMAT, CAT, MAT, ATMA, SNAP, CET, XAT, etc. Recently the MBA entrance pattern has changed and now there would not be any Group Discussion in the entrance pattern. Now you will only have to give one of the above mentioned tests and then there will be only personal interview of the concerned BSchool in which according to your score you come in. I would also recommend you to appear for atleast two entrance tests like CMAT and CAT/XAT. This will give you advantage and buffer support of another entrance test score. I would like to recommend you to pursue MBA in Human Resource Management. You need to understand that you need to score very good in the entrance tests so that you get entry into reputed BSchools so that you need not worry about placements. Coupled with your 5 years of experience, after completing your MBA you will have an edge over others to bag a good job with a good pay package. For the list of good MBA colleges, you can google search "top 25 bschools" and you will get the list. Aim to do an MBA from those only for better and assured career prospects. Best Luck.

RE: Want to do mba with the course fee around 4lacks

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Hello there

Thank you very much for approaching Mera career guide and writing to us. I am happy you approached us to seek guidance regarding your education at the right time. i am certainly happy to help you today on that. I see you wanted to study an MBA with low tuition fee costs. You said MBA with less than four lakh tuition fee. Is this overall tuition fee or tuition for one year, I mean four lakh for first year and again four lakh for second year? I ask you this because MBA is a two year degree.

However I am trying to list down some low fee college for MBA in India here. Please have a look.
1. Faculty of Management studies, new delhi
FMS is highly reputable and also lowest in India for its tuition fee. They charge you anywhere around 10500-11000 rupees as tuition fee per year. This shows you can complete MBA in 20,000 rupees but you have to keep in mind that you have additional costs like food, hostel and living expenses. But yes, if you want a very low tuition fee, then FMS New Delhi is very right for you.

2. IIT Roorkee Department of Management studies
They charge you around 35,000 per semester.As you ahve four semesters, so multiply 35000*4=140000 rupees for two years. Keep in mind that the tuition for regular candidates is 35000 per semester and for sponsored candidates it is 60000 per semester. After this hostel food and living expenses are additional. But still it comes within your 4lakh budget.

3. Jamanlal Bajaj institute of Management studies Mumbai
They are also highly reputable and they charge you around 100000 (one lakh) for one year so it is two lakh to finish the course. Again hostel, food and living expenses are additional.

4. IIT KGP = Vinod Gupta school of Management
The last option you have to fit in within your budget of four lakh is the IIT Kharagpur Management school. They charge around 125000 per year so this means you will pay 250000 over all. Again hostel, food and living costs are additional but IIT KGP also has relatively low cost hostel fee.

There are only for reputed top schools with in your four lakh budget and i have mentioned above. Hope you are prepared with your entrance tests like CAT/MAT and are ready to apply now. Good luck.

RE: Want to do mba with the course fee around 4lacks

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Good to hear on your decision to study an MBA. While I can guide you well through the colleges and course fees for two years, may I know how are you doing your BBA while also working for Inox Multiplex? I am not sure if you are doing your BBA through distance education or working at Inox multiplex for part time. However once you complete your BBA degree, you can either join some full time work and earn some two years of work experience or directly join an MBA degree. I assume your work experience at Inox multiplex will be counted by MBA colleges as they only treat work as an experience post a bachelor degree. As you are working simultaneously while doing your bachelors degree, this may certainly go uncountable for colleges.

Any how the good news for you is, you can very well study an MBA being a fresh BBA graduate. Here is the list of colleges for an MBA within four lakh budget for you. To note, there are many reputable IIM, IIT, ISB Hyderabad and other private b-schools that charge students a minimum of 10-15 lakh for a two year MBA. Not most of the reputed schools have low MBA fees and there are very few in fact.

The only five reputed top tier schools with low MBA fees are:
  • IIT Kharagpur Vinod Gupta school of Management (VGSOM)

IIT Kharagpur is a top tier institute in India and their management school is very reputed for proven on-campus job placements for their graduates. Their fees for two year MBA is 2,50,000/-

Students graduating from here earn a starting salary of more than 7.5 lakh per annum.

  • IIT Roorkee Department of management studies

IIT Roorkee's management school is another reputed brand under the IIT banner and they are too well known for placement record and alumni success. Their MBA fees are relatively one of the lowest in the IIT's and they charge only around 35000 per semester and this way an MBA could be completed within 140000 budget for two years.

  • Faculty of management studies FMS Delhi - University of Delhi

This is the third top tier business school and the cheapest tuition fee in the country. They charge approx 21000 for two years. Placement is also extraordinary being a top tier school and as well affiliated to the University of Delhi.

  • Faculty of management studies, IIT Madras

This is the fourth top tier management school and is located in Chennai. The tuition fees are around 3,40,000 for two years. Placement is excellent with a starting salary of 8lakh per annum.

  • Faculty of management studies, IIT Delhi

This is the fifth top tier management school. This IIT banner costs an MBA around exactly 4lakh for two years. The placement is very good and students get a starting pay of 6lakh per annum.

The other reputed schools that offer an MBA within 4 lakh budget are:

Jamanlal Bajaj institute of management studies Mumbai - 2 lakh for two years
Institute of rural management, Anand - 4,17,700/- for two years
Tata institute of social sciences - 34,660/- for two years
NIT Trichy - 63,320 for two years
BHU - 56,984 for two years
MIB/ MHROD Delhi - 29,000/-
MFC/ MBE Delhi - 27,200/-

Hope this helps. If you require further assistance, please write to us. Good luck.

RE: Want to do mba with the course fee around 4lacks

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