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What are the advantages of pursuing a course in Centre for the development of advanced computing (CDAC)? Does opting for a CDAC course improve chances of getting a job?

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RE: What are the advantages of pursuing a course in Centre for the development of advanced computing (CDAC)? Does opting for a CDAC course improve chances of getting a job?

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Centre for advanced computing was set up when foreign countries denied access to supercomputer technology. It was this background which shaped the idea of India’s first own supercomputer named PARAM under the eminent leadership of scientist from Vidarbha Dr. Vijay Bhatkar. CDAC institutes work under the ministry of electronics and information technology (MeitY). The basic aim of the institute is to stimulate advanced computing knowledge and help in its spread throughout the country.

The institute was set up in late 1988 and its training program started in the year 1994. The aim of the training program is to provide quality training to various professionals as well as students of different engineering fields. The institute has more than 50 centers throughout the India. CDAC is also famous for developing ICT tool which is one of the most important parts of advanced computing. 

CDAC runs its own branches in Mumbai, Noida, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mohali, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram, and Bangalore. At the same time, it also runs Authorized Training centers popularly called as ATC. For getting admission into CDAC course, one needs to apply for CDAC CET. The admission will be purely based on merit basis and based on the rankings students are allotted the centers. Off-course, CDAC’s own centers are the first preference for the students across India.

Mission and values enshrined by the institution.

The institute strives for broadening the functions of Electronics and Information Technology. Same time, the institute believes in bringing out new technologies for human welfare. It believes in sharing knowledge to build advanced competence in the branches of electronics and telecommunication. 

In which sectors does the CDAC conduct its research?

Following are the broad areas in which CDAC conducts its research.

  • Health Informatics
  • Information Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Electronics and telecommunication
  • Multi-Lingual computing.
  • High-performance computing
  • Supercomputers.


What are the courses offered under CDAC program?

CDAC offers various courses of electronics and information technology under various genres.

1) Post Graduate Diploma Courses

In this category following diplomas are offered

  • PG Diploma in Mobile computing
  • PG Diploma in Advance Computing
  • PG Diploma in IT infrastructure system and security
  • PG Diploma in VLSI design
  • PG Diploma in Geoinformatics
  • PG Diploma in embedded system design
  • PG Diploma in software development.
  • PG Diploma in Internet of Things
  • PG Diploma in Biomedical instrumentation
  • PG Diploma in Big Data analytics
  • PG Diploma in HPC System administration.


2) Formal training program

The institute also offers the traditional training program and most of the program are dependent upon GATE score.

  • M.Tech program
  • MBA (Information technology)
  • M.Tech VLSI
  • MCA program

3) Faculty development program

The program is designed to cater the needs of the faculty. In this program faculty members are trained based on their technological need. At the same time, the institute offers a comprehensive corporate development program.

4) Corporate training program and Capacity building program

Under this mainly four programs and their subprograms are offered

  • Networking and system administration (Hardware and networking, Routing, Linux, LAN, WAN)
  • Programming (, Visual Basic 2.0, Web application development)
  • Information security (Cybercrime, Network security)
  • Geographical information program. (AutoCAD, Remote sensing, Geo-informatics)

5) International training program

This program is offered to students from various countries under Indian technical and economic co-operation program (ITEC). Ministry of external affairs is a partner with this program which is offered at Noida and Mohali.


What are the advantages of pursuing CDAC program?

CDAC program is a highly valued program. CDAC institutions have set a different set of quality and authority for their courses. The faculty recruited is finely tuned to answer the needs of syllabus and students itself. At the same time, senior management consists of eminent scientists and distinguished individuals who have made a mark for themselves.

After analyzing the active feedback from students, it can be concluded that the courses offered are of high quality. Maximum emphasis is given to the practical knowledge and theoretical application. The very fact that the courses are designed to fulfill industry needs and to reduce the gap between industries and universities makes this a highly recommended program.

Does opting for CDAC course improve the chance of getting a job?

Companies do visit CDAC campuses for a recruitment drive. CDAC’s own institutes are highly valued by companies. As the CDAC is a cherry over graduation, it is assumed that a student who pursued the course would be rigorously trained and tutored for a complex set of technological challenges.

 Even if some person doesn’t get selected in campus drives conducted at CDAC premises, it is not the presumed end. The employability potential of a student increases to a certain level after going for CDAC course. He can swiftly look for a job by applying at different companies in open recruitment drives. 



The fact that institute is under the direct control of Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MeitY), makes it one of the most reputed institutes. Very often student prepares for a long duration to get admission into the CDAC course. This makes the competition even severe and challenging. So it is advisable that student should take extra efforts to get the admission to CDAC courses.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the advantages of pursuing a course in Centre for the development of advanced computing (CDAC)? Does opting for a CDAC course improve chances of getting a job?

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