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What are the benefits one would get being a Cartographer?

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RE: What are the benefits one would get being a Cartographer?

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Cartographers are the one who creates the link of roads via maps which are decorated over the classroom walls or to guide the drivers in a navigation system of the car or any vehicle. Cartographers are mainly found on their desk at the office working in front of the computer from where they can easily fetch the required information. Nevertheless, for few types, they may have to get on the field for planning or validate the collected information or data.

What is the statistics?

As per the information received in May 2011 from the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average package of a Cartographer is INR 1783 for a day or INR 3.5 Lakh per year. The 10 percent who received the highest pay is around     INR 2787 per day or INR 5.75 per year, whereas the lowest paid 10 percent to earn around INR 967 daily or INR 2 lakh in a year.



Are Cartographers & Photogrammetrists same?

Cartographers basically compile their geographic data which includes annual precipitation pattern, population density from different sources which includes ground reports or by doing surveys. The market value of a Cartographer is high seeking the criticality of the work.

Photogrammetrists are the special type of Cartographers who are dependent on the aerial survey of the particular area to collect spatial data. The one who use the technology to provide the graphical information system to generate their charts is called as the specialist of geographic information.


What Cartography offers?

Cartographers may work upon the evaluation and design algorithms, structure data, and user interfaces for Mapping systems and GIS. Here are primary areas where you may get expertise with a course in Cartography:

  1. a) Prepare map layout and content, also need to prepare the specification of products such as size, scale, projection, colors and direct productions to assure the specifications are taken care of.
  2. b) Assure total completion and accuracy by frequently inspecting the final compositions.
  3. c) Review and update the previous available charts and maps. Ensure all the require adjustment and correction are done accordingly.
  4. d) Collect and compile the data requirement for preparing maps, which includes aerial photographs, notes of survey, reports, original maps, and records.


Additional Skill Building:

During internal survey, few skill sets which were observed in most of the successful Cartographers are as follows -

1) Active Listening

2) Active Learning

3) Writing

4) Critical Thinking and

5) Reading Comprehension

Along with all the above-mentioned characteristics, successful Cartographers also had great ability to monitor and identify the details. Other some characteristics in them are as follows -

1) Detailing and high alert

2) Cooperation

3) Dependability

4) Integrity

5) Efforts / Achievement


The benefit galore:

Most of the successful Cartographers were working as engineering, architectural and other related services where they were easily earning around $26.61 on an hourly basis or $55,350 per year. The minimum qualification demanded by employers should be a graduate or have bachelor's degree in cartography, geography or any of the related field. The people who are now a cartographer but does not have minimum qualification were working as a mapping or survey technicians. Cartographers in a private sector earn a median income of around $46,080 per year.

The advantages or benefits of being cartographers are as follows -

  1. a) It is suitable for the individual who loves to practical and handsome work
  2. b) Advisable to the individual who values the achievements and works as per result oriented.
  3. c) Ideal for the individual who loves to prefer indoor job
  4. d) Very good pay

The individual who should not choose this as a career are as follows -

  1. a) Does not like or prefer to teach or help others (co-workers or juniors)
  2. b) It is a difficult task to get into this career. One should have enough amount of work-related knowledge, skills, and experience to easily enter into this career
  3. c) Long working hours i.e. at least or sometimes more than 40 hours per week

What are the Prospects for you?

Looking forward towards the Cartographers, the growth of this job from 2010 to 2020 is expected to rise from 22 percent. Compared to the opening creating in other industries, it is expected to increase faster than the 14 percent. The demand will grow when the requirement of use for maps for the security of national concern or any planning to be done by the local government. Various efforts for mapping are also finding the way into the mobile devices, internet technologies, and social media.


After getting enough work experience and consistently delivering excellent and high accurate work, a cartographer can be promoted as a supervisor. By gaining additional skills and appropriate training and guidance, an individual can lead into any of the areas of cartography and be an expert in it. This is indeed a lucrative sector with many great career opportunities. Sadly, the sector has not been recognized in the Indian market well.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the benefits one would get being a Cartographer?

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