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What are the career prospects, best colleges and job opportunities presents in the space science?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are the career prospects, best colleges and job opportunities presents in the space science?

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For those who are eager and willing to explore the universe, the solar system, our earth. The moon, the sun and their related researches, the career in space science is waiting for you.

Whatever we see about the universe, the development, the impacts, threats and much deep information are the hard and compiling works of those brilliant scientists working out there. You could be the next if you are desired to take space science as a career option.


When we talk about the space science, how can one forget one and only Sir APJ Abdul kalam? His extraordinary talent and his defined visions to make the country a hub for the missile technologies is unparalleled. 

When he was a 14-year-old boy, he has the dream to become the scientist and gonna work for the country. He was from the humble background and his financial condition was also too poor, One day he went to Chennai and was selling the newspapers in front of the space science college since he was having the dream to study the space, but his friends and relatives pulled him down by saying you cannot be there, it needs money and talent. Kalam replied, although I don’t have money, but I have the talent to grab the seat. he acquired the seat in the college, topped in the university, joined as a junior scientist in ISRO, and became the missile man of the country. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, if you have the courage, and hard work, you will be successful one day.

So to all my young and desperate ones, for both boys and girls, space science provides ou with the wonderful opportunities to serve the nation in the best way or can say in a big big way.


“The very first question which comes to the mind is from where to start from? But trust me guys, if your goals are original and are there in your eyes, you should d take a very first step towards it, during your school time only. One should have the overwhelming interest in the technical subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics.”

Now the huge questions after the school are whether to opt space engineering or to join for space scientists. If you look in a broader way, they look same, but there are some myths and myths need to explore, before taking the sincere actions.

There are two ways by which one can get into the dream of space scientist.

  • One is through the IIT-JEE exams, once you qualified in the IIT-JEE mains, with the creamy score, can choose to take admission in the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY(ISRO)
  • And another way is via appearing in the examination conducted by the ISRO called CENTRALISED RECRUITMENT OF ISRO but after the engineering.




See there are broadly two core branches of the space engineering, called Astronautical engineering and another one is aeronautical engineering.

We will take one by one exploration of both the branches, lets start with the Astronomical engineering first,

Astronomical engineering is the branch of engineering in which there is a technical study of the various celestial bodies are done, along with their unique behavior, distances, emerging trends, light years, gravity, mass, volume etc.

The various colleges in the country which allows the admission to the course are listed below:


  • IIT madras
  • IIT Bombay
  • Along with the Indian top colleges, the scope of this branch is higher in the developed countries like US, Russia, China.

Similarly, when we talk about the Aeronautical engineering, it has much wider scope in the Indian subcontinent. This branch deals with the application of the engineering principles to develop the space crafts, missiles and other space utilities.


The top most colleges in India are:




After the completion of Btech, one can go for even higher studies like masters and Ph.D. in the respective domains of space science.




Today is the world of science, the technologies. Technology is making life faster, smarter and more sharper. Space too need much more technologies to get it explored. One report from the authentic source claimed that on the installation and innovation of new technologies, we can explore the space myths much faster than any other way.

Hence career option for the technologists exists in a big way.

There lie some domains in which one can opt as a technologist:




you might have heard about the very famous government's organizations, which are run by the same space scientists and other eminent persons who have distinguished themselves in the field of space science.

After succeeding as the space scientist and thereby attaining the experience, one can also get the opportunity to work with:

  • IIFER, Pune
  • CAT, Indore
  • BARC, Mumbai
  • DRDO
  • RSDO
  • TIFR




Now India is a member of MTCR, CERN and much other scientific collaboration, hence the career in the space science holds much more big opportunity than even before.

If one has determined to be the part of the space community, one should grab his from now, since the field is quite challenging, but it's nothing challenging, if develops his mind to achieve something.


For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the career prospects, best colleges and job opportunities presents in the space science?

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