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What are the differences and similarities between BBA and BBM?

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RE: What are the differences and similarities between BBA and BBM?

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With the rapid increase in industrialization,the utmost need of doing a professional course is felt at every step. In order to become successful in today’s highly advanced times, one is required to have done a professional course. Professional courses bring out the best of a student by expanding his/her mental horizon; by helping one to develop the skills that he/she need to work in a specific industry or job; by making a student discover his/her hidden skills and talents; by making a student highly efficient;by enabling one to achieve greater competence in one’s field and improve one’s prospects for progression.

Here we will discuss about two such highly promising professional courses, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Business Management (BBM).

What is BBA?

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a course which develops the student’s practical skills, managerial and communication skills, coordination skills, leadership skills and business decision-making capability. BBA aims at giving a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of a company and the factors which heighten its effectiveness and efficiency.

What is BBM?

Bachelor of Management Studies (BBM)is a course which focuses on making studentsable to take managerial decisions, managing and supervising business and other managerial activities,coordinating with management teams andhandling them andmanaging the administration of a company on managerial level. BBM enables the students to develop skills required to deal with personnel and clients.

Major similarities between BBA and BBM

Both of these courses, BBA and BBM are related to the field of business and management and both are in high demand these days. Both of these courses are done at an undergraduate level and both of these courses are having a total duration of 3 years, each year being divided in 2 semesters. After doing either BBA or BBM, a student can go for higher level studies in the field of commerce by pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The eligibility criteria and the admission procedurefor both, BBA and BBM is the same. Generally,a student having a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in class 12th is considered to be eligible for applying for BBA or BBM. In many colleges/universitiesadmission in BBA and BBM is done on the basis of anentrance test. An eligible student is required to clear the entrance exam with at least the minimum score requirement specified by the college/university. After that, the students have to clear other stages, if any, like the group discussion and personal interview tests.

The core subjects and course structure of BBA and BBM are quite similar.The salary package offered to fresh BBA and BBM graduates is also somewhat similar. The initial salary of BBA/BBM graduates ranges between 2 – 4 lacs per annum. In both the cases, the salary increases with increase in experience and skills. Within a few years of experience, it even reaches 10 lacs per annum.

Major differences between BBA and BBM



BBA and BBM have many things in common. But they cannot be considered a substitute of each other.Students often misunderstand BBA and BBM as similar type courses. But both theses courses have a lot of things different from each other. BBA generally involves all the knowledge which is required for administration at various levels of a company whereas BBMinvolves analytical and logical oriented knowledge which further enhances the skills of a person.

Under BBA, students are prepared to be able to manage and supervise business-related tasks of a company. Under BBM, the students are familiarized with the management techniques that are being used in the corporate world.

Students pursuing BBA can specialize in the following fields :

Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Aviation Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Information Technology, Legal management, Design management, Management Information System, and Marketing and so on.

On the other hand, students pursuing BBM can specialize in the following fields :

Accounting, Business Law, Ethics, Finance, Human Resource Development, Product Research and Development, Strategic Management, Supply Chain, Management Information Systems (MIS), Production and Operation,Sales and Marketing and so on.

It is a very famous saying :

"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment."

BBA and BBM, both of these courses are interrelated and interconnected. There is a very thin line between both these courses. Both of these courses appear to be same but both of them are having many differences.Therefore, it is really a very tough task for a student to choose between these two professional courses. Students are advised to take care inchoosing between these two courses as career is the locus of a person's life and a person should not take it lightly.



RE: What are the differences and similarities between BBA and BBM?

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