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What are the various Networking Courses available in India and what are the job prospects?

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RE: What are the various Networking Courses available in India and what are the job prospects?

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One of the engineering disciplines is Computer Networking that concerns itself with the communications between various computers or other devices.  Usually, different computers can be connected to share various types of media, which includes copper wire cable of twisted pair, wireless technology, coaxial cable, power line and optical fiber.  The three kinds of networks are-

  • Intranet
  • Internet
  • Extranet

We are able to see a lot of changes into the world of biomedicines, Defence, Industrial automation, consumer electronics and supercomputing as a result of this Networking.  It also forms the very Base of the IT industry we have in India. All the activities of an office are governed by networking may it be intro-office work, Internet work or work at a global level. The introduction of Ethernet-enabled controllers and sensors various companies and organizations are becoming dependant on hooking the floor of the factories to the executive office and beyond. Networking has also helped management of an enterprise.  The professionals of this field of computer networking involve in many things right from the installation of wires to configuring switch and router, monitoring activities of the network, diagnose networks, and to work with all kinds of operating systems and net protocols.


The qualification requirements may differ from institute to institute or as per the certification level.  The very basic courses may demand specifically the science stream in 10+2 or some institutes ask for any stream whatsoever in 10+2. As compared to this higher level of courses may ask for Diplomas, Degrees, diplomas (computer science, telecommunication, electronics etc) in addition to any course into hardware. Apart from these, students without engineering background but with computer knowledge can also go for this. Computer courses are very basic to all institutions and some are specifically found to offer courses in this area. Both kinds of courses are usually found which includes degrees and diplomas. A good amount of them offers short-term programs with a focus on this field. Nomenclature of the degrees offered by different institutes may differ. The internationally known certificate courses are LINUX Admin, UNIX Admin, CNE, MCSE etc, for LAN/WAN administration whereas for WAN admin there are CCDA, CCNA, CCIE, CCNP, CCDP etc, Nonetheless, there is one special certificate called VUE Prometric covering many of the above-mentioned certifications.

Various Courses and colleges in Networking:

  • The Degree course of Master of Science in Hardware and Networking ( M.Sc. Hardware and Networking) which is offered by following colleges:
  1. BITS (Brainware School of Information Technology), Hoongly-West Bengal
  2. BITS (Brainware School of Information Technology), Howrah-West Bengal
  3. BITS (Brainware School of Information Technology), Kolkata-West Bengal
  4. Springdale College of Management Studies, Pilibhit-Uttar Pradesh.
  5. IPD College, New Delhi
  6. GIIMT (Garv Institute of Information Management and Technology), Gaziabad-Uttar Pradesh.


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hardware Maintenance and Networking (PGDHMN).
  1. Government Girls Polytechnic, Lucknow-Uttar Pradesh
  2. IIMT (Brevity International institute of Management and Technology) Bangalore, Karnataka.
  3. VAG Group of Educational Institute, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.


Various Types of jobs after completion of this course:

  • Administration of Network
  • Network system engineer
  • Consultant
  • Manager (Supply Chain)
  • Information/Network systems manager
  • Product manager
  • Analyst/Programmer of Network
  • Service Technician of the Networks
  • Administration of the Network Storage
  • Network security Professional.
  • Director (Network Business Planning).

Various areas of Employment:

  • Equipment manufacturers into Networking
  • Call centers
  • Consultancy Agencies
  • ISP’s.
  • R & D (Research and Development
  • BPO companies
  • Colleges and Educational Institutes
  • Telecom Companies
  • After sales service centers

The institutes which lead in this area:

  1. (CISCO)
  2. (Novell)
  3. (Computer Associates)
  4. (Nortel)
  5. (Sun Microsystem)
  6. (Microsoft)
  7. (Juniper)

Various Specialisation Areas:

  • Unified Communication
  • Storage
  • Certifications
  • Security
  • Wireless Technology
  • Virtualisation and Consolidation
  • WAN

Some of the Objectives:

  • For efficiency of use of network technology and equipment, it’s important to ensure it, secure it and maintain it.
  • By invention and innovation communication capability need to be enhanced.
  • To provide hustle free information flow in offices


Study of following is also necessary:

  • Protocols and essentials of networking
  • Network Basics
  • Administration of Network Operating System.
  • Computer Hardware’s Fundamentals
  • Advance Network Concepts

Methods of Networking:

  • WAN (Wide Area Network) used for wide network types to cover a larger area.
  • LAN (Local Area Network) is used in comparatively small areas.
  • WLAN, WWAN (Wireless Networks) same as above but without wires.
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) used to integrate 2 or more networks of LAN.

Perspectives for Job:

It all depends on the type of job, as there is a variety of jobs with different positions and salary may also vary accordingly. Salary in this field is dependent on various counts and factors like the organisation/institute that hires, conditions of the local market, the experience of a person and the level of skill a person has and the like. There is a high demand for the people who are into this field having good knowledge of networking and communications because of the growth and development of this sector. With the increase in internet users in India and the world at an unprecedented rate, there is high need for quick and simultaneous exchange of data between users and relatively high bandwidth for the same. Moreover, there is also a requirement of the network specialists in other things needing high bandwidth for high exchange of visuals and voice. Not just the enterprises involved in LAN or WAN require them but also the firms offering consultancy services for service delivery also require for their requirements of network. Telecom companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) providing various services into this field also get the need for such professionals into networking.

Thus if we look at the bloom this industry has and the demand for the professionals into this field this course comes to the rescue of unemployment problem faced by this country and provides good job opportunities. There is a surety that there would be a lot of job creation in upcoming years. Students aspiring to join this field have good chances and have lots of job opportunities.

RE: What are the various Networking Courses available in India and what are the job prospects?

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