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What are emerging careers?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are emerging careers?

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With the growing technological advancements, there have been an increase in the number of opportunities. As the number of opportunities has increased, different nature of jobs are emerging. If we look back to 1980s, there were very limited number of options available for the students to explore in terms of career say for e.g. teacher, doctor, engineer etc. If we compare the current era, now people believe in outsourcing even their personal work. With the ongoing change in mind-set there has been a boom in the job offerings for the people.

 Artificial intelligence and different jobs:

Artificial intelligence is not a new field. It has been attracting technologists since many years and they are working hard to find different applications based on artificial intelligence. With the companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft working laboriously to expand this field, there is no doubt that there will be many fields that will emerge in this area. Broadly, artificial intelligence comprises of general AI, machine learning, expert systems, data mining etc. Now companies have started using AI to analyse the data from customer behavior. The study on such a data helps the company to predict future preferences of the customers and align their business strategy along with the customers.

Career in statistics

Statistics was never an under-rated field, however, there were times when people were to giving it due attention. Now when many industries have started working on big data, statistics has become one of the most sought after field for them. Several new jobs have been created in the past 3 years in big firms which are focusing on solving issues with statistics.

Market Research

These days many firms have started following the facts rather than the gut feelings. Even the start-ups and new companies follow the path of market research to gain better understanding of market, competitors and customers. Students having interest in studying markets and consumer behavioral can explore this field. It is expected that this field will become stronger in the coming years.

Many students believe that career needs to be pre-defined, however, a career can be created!

There is quite a possibility that there are no proper jobs available in some specific career options yet, but if a student is passionate for some field, he can do freelancing in that specific field. There are many jobs which are more popular as freelancing job and people earn a very good amount from them. One such job is that of a content write. If someone is good at writing, then he can help organisations across the world to get good content. Organisations use content to reach out to the masses and content writers are in much demand these days.

As the technology is growing rapidly it can be boon or bane and it is totally dependent on how you use it. Who would have thought some twenty years back that we could buy or sell goods online.The new technologies in e-commerce is allowing us to do so and as a result many new jobs have emerged. Another example could be of online doctor consultation which has become so easy. There is no need to go to hospital for consulting you can do it by sitting at your home. There may be many such changes in future which give new career options to many students.

RE: What are emerging careers?

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