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Statistician provides the methods and reasoning for producing a new data and understanding an existing data. There is a tremendous growth in data nowadays and the data are widely used in many fields. To manage these data is the work of a statistician. The statisticians are the experts who do the tasks such as producing a safe data, analyzing the data, practical conclusions to the data and so on. To understand and analyze the data the statistician must have the ability to work with other people and to communicate with them. They work in the sectors like health, education, Government, finance, etc. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Statistician answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Statistician

As a [statistician][1], you would be mainly involved in Prediction for a company, its market trend and profitability and growth. This would involve use of statistical data pertaining to probability and analysis and noting the market trend. Every field you can think of right from FMCG to retail to sports to motors to computer to education to politics to share markets to IT etc requires the forecast of statisticians. You have a wide choice, right from Private sector jobs to a government sector. As such the job titles available are: [Research Analysts][2] Economists Biometrician Bioststistician

Statistics is all about data analysis. Its objective is to draw  a meaning nad interpretation out of stacks of numerical data of facts and events. A statistician job is also to make these conclusions simple enough for the layman to understand After 12th with maths an aspirant can do Bachelor of Science with major in statisytics followed by masters of statistics/ operational research, quantitative economics or mathematical statistics.Areas of Specializations:-Operation Research- is used to find out the optimum usage of resources to gain maximum output. Areas such as process engineering and

The typical day of a Statistician is spent in the following way: Checking the emails at the start of the day and making sure that the necessary communications are made. The day usually starts with a team meeting or discussions with clients.   Most of the day is spent in the offices. In certain cases they may have to travel to the site to set up the statistical data surveys and ensure that best quality data is collected. They work on designing the experiments and methodologies in order to do the best analysis.   Monitoring, modelling and analyzing the various data models and make

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Statistics has a wide range of applications. Business management , [Biotechnology][2], [Agriculture][3] , [Economics][4] , [Education][5] , Sociology, [Medical Science][6] , [Pharmaceutical][7] Sciences, [Market research][8], [meteorology][9] , public services , government policy making are some of the [fields that require statisticians][10]. Most of their work is desk bound except if they are actively involved in data collection. The statisticians are actively involved in operation research. Operation research is used to find out the optimum usage of resources to gain maximum output