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We have come across the word ‘apprentice’ a decent number of times in our lives. Before we reach to the crux of understanding what is the apprenticeship training scheme, we must understand who is an apprentice. An apprentice is someone who gains skills and qualification while working for another person or firm and is bounded by an agreement to work for a specific period of time. An apprentice is basically any beginner who is new to work life. Apprenticeship is a job with wages which also provides training. Some apprenticeship programs include on-job-training accompanied by studies

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Hello Dear Aspirant, Welcome to career Thanks for approaching us and writing us your career query. Selecting career after 10th is a tricky task. It needs to have a mindful thought which career is to be selected which will lead us to the good career life ahead. While selecting career many a times we consider career to be a very simple thing and we think just taking admission in a college is sufficient,that's it we have been doing our career.Many a times student either follow their friends or accept their parents suggestion as final verdict or follow the crowd. The case is completely

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