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Where can we learn japanese language if I want to learn it side by side?

What are the sources from where one can learn japanese language in their semester breaks of 2 months?

by Divya Jain
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2 answers

RE: Where can we learn japanese language if I want to learn it side by side?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar


Japanese language course for three months is being offered by many institutions in on distance mode which gives you communication tool in the job market. Getting the name of service provider (in academic it is an institutional point) is not a big deal moreover you can prioritise the Japanese embassy and access the gateway by registering first. For your information such type of course work does matter if you have appropriate practice inside phonetic lab where you are given suitable modules to learn the language within the stipulated time of frame otherwise only certification does not make any sense in career.


You have to screen the institutions based on your suitability and coherency with your specialized course work, I hope you have opted Japanese language with the futuristic approach:

Before discussing the strategic matter I would like to give you the list of institutions where you can explore the short term course:
1. S&N Hayakawa Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, based in Chennai (contact@hayakawa.in)
2. Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
3. Indian Institute of Technology (Roorki, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai)
4. Amity University, Noida
5. Yo can explore the website which will lead you the detail list of foreign languages in India
(www.empoweringvision.org/page/php?id=354&type=p). It is known as empowering the vision sponsored by government agency. Look into the details which might be helpful for your education and employment both.
6. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Apart from above listed institutions you can explore other institutes which should be feasible and and you can attain the program to learn the things purposefully so that your academic need must be fulfilled.

Strategic Discussion:

I do not know your educational background moreover the knowledge of foreign language maximise the job opportunity specifically in science and technology and engineering. It is quite understood that you are interested in Japanese products, heritage, diplomacy, and other things which will give you an acceptability at large scale. We all know country like Japan, China and South Korea ruling the market and facilitating you various jobs if you are skilled and having suitability for their requirement.

I hope your plan doing a short term course work will compliment you in future.


RE: Where can we learn japanese language if I want to learn it side by side?

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
Verified Career Expert
Business Analyst at Capital Novus
  • Ahmedabad

Dear Friend,

The Japanese Language School (JLS) established in 1984, is the first organized japanese language institution in Banglore, India. The basic and advanced programmes of the school were put together by late H.Ganesh, a Japanese Teacher, Japanese Expert and educator of great repute. He was the only person at that time who wanted to establish a Japanese Language school exclsively for Indian Students keeping in mind the all indian fundamentals. He used to beleive that 'Japanese fortunately, is not the world's most difficult language, especially for the Indians.

JLS has been serving the Indian industry, students and general public for over 27 years, and has trained more than 15,000 individuals in South India only. In this capacity JLS can take justifiable pride in playing a vital role in bringing India and Japan closer.

The Courses Availabel:


The basic programme is purely a spoken course degned to make you familier with the phonetic, syntex, semantics and a vocabulary of about 1000 words. The programme places special focus on grammatical, topical and situational subjects. Textbooks are supplemented by reading material, home asssignments and CDs.


JLPT courses are recognized by the Japanese Government and follow a specified syllabus as prescribed by them. These certificates are recognized world over as a measure of japanese proficiency.

  • JLPT 5: This is the basic course which is also simplest among all the other. This course includes basic elements of grammer, a vocabulary of around 1000 words and 120 Kanji characters. After completion of this course, one is able to read and understand typical expressions, and sentences written Hiragana, Katakana and basic Kanji and also can listen and comprehend basic conversations used in daily life.
  • JLPT 4: After JLPT5, a student can take up the JLPT 4 course, which includes more advanced grammer. Students will be able to write simple sentences in Japanese script.
  • JLPT 3: This is the even more advanced course then JLPT 5 & 4, in this course there will be more than 400 words of vocabulary and 700 Kanji characters.
  • JLPT 2: This includes a vocabulary of 7000 words and 1200 Kanji characters. Students who successfully complete this course will have the ability to read, write and converse japanese with relative ease, and even work in japanese environment without difficulty.
  • JLPT 1: this is the most advanced course. This includes a vocabulary of 10,000 words and 2000 Knaji characters. The course assures the student a command over the language sufficiently for all business dealings and language levels that even parmit education at a japanese University.

I wish you all the very best and wish you good luck for you future.


RE: Where can we learn japanese language if I want to learn it side by side?

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