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What is the scope of learning a foreign language?

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RE: What is the scope of learning a foreign language?

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The World is becoming a global hub, as a result, a great connection is being built in between various countries. As links denote a country’s progress and development status in every field, so this progress is opening numerous job opportunities for the natives of different countries to work with the people in the world at large. But one of the requisite for this kind of job is that you must know a variety of foreign languages to work in this sector. Not only due to this reason but also for other reasons the scope of foreign languages is surging to really a great extent in every field or sector. Even in the field of teaching, these are at high demands as students are fascinated to learn unique languages and to build new career paths in future. For instance, nowadays French and German are becoming essential subjects in most of the school.

Which languages can be learned?

There are ample of languages that one can learn like French-German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Korean, etc. These all are available in various institutes in India. Some of the students start learning different languages at school level whereas some opt for several diploma courses and certificate courses after their high school. The different course has different fees structure and eligibility criterion. Although, these are not much costly and any one can afford it. Even some of the universities like  Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi offers various scholarships for the students who are studying foreign languages.Even now various universities are offering bachelor degree program in foreign languages which are mostly of three years. Also, you can do master degree in these languages. But master degree program is rarely available in Indian universities.

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Scope in the field of business:

In the present day century, with the dramatic advancement in each and every field, various corporate companies prefer to hire aspirants with excellent command over various foreign languages such as Japanese, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, German, etc. This is because they work with international companies all over the world and the requirement for such employee with such skills is must these days. Nationally as well as internationally various companies or MNCs hire candidates like Accenture, Wipro, evalueserve, Fiserv, TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, kuliza, etc. These companies hire aspirants on the basis of their proficiency in language and experience.

Scope in the field of tourism, entertainment, and various other diplomatic services:




Due to India’s large diversity and the presence of many tourist places, the tourism sector is rising with a rapid urge. Daily many tourists visit various places in India. They need guides to make them known about these places in their own languages. So it becomes an advantage for those who know about various foreign languages and they learn a lot of money by being a tourist guide. Moreover, now many diplomatic companies are employing such candidates with such language skills at really a high salary. For instance, the professionals working for MNC or for PR for other countries are paid with around 30,000 to 50,000 per month.You can also join the field of entertainment after being proficient in such languages that will really make a great deal of money.

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Scope for  various other professions:

Besides these, some these languages have a really great deal to earn in other professions as a teacher, interpreter, typewriters of foreign languages used in embassies, translator, etc. So one can say that this idea of foreign languages is opening various job opportunities for aspirants with such skills. Nowadays the latest trend of being a content writer is also in great demand. Content writers of foreign languages are paid with a high amount of money.

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The candidates who really wish to learn these languages must go for diploma courses or degree courses in the language they want to learn. One must keep it in mind that these Languages are not easy to learn but you really need to work hard. These are much reasonable as well as make you earn a big amount of money. So, one can say that these languages have a great scope in most of the field in India.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What is the scope of learning a foreign language?

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