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What are the career prospects in japanese language?

Is japanese language a lucrative career option and are there opportunities for study and work in abroad?

by Divya Jain
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3 answers

RE: What are the career prospects in japanese language?

Dr. Nandini  Narayanan
Dr. Nandini Narayanan
Verified Career Expert
Lecturer at Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science & SW
  • Bangalore

Hello student,
Thanks for posting your query on meracareerguide. Your interest in making a career in foreign language is appreciable.

With India becoming a major player in the global market and a lot of multinational companies coming to India, professionals who can overcome the language barrier are seen as an asset in any company. Now-a-days foreign language experts are seed to be in translation related services in different settings. For instance you can work in varied sectors like tourism, embassies and diplomatic services, international organisations, etc. You can also work as a trainer if you are certified for it or have the right qualifications.

In addition, newer areas like content writing (which ca be pursued online as well from a office based setting), technical translation or decoding etc. are also coming up in a major way.

An ideal qualification for any of these jobs would be a graduation in the respective language. However, even diplomas are seen to be sufficient in some.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.

Regards and good luck!

RE: What are the career prospects in japanese language?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I understand you are asking about career prospects for Japanese language in India. Apart from the counselling already given by Dr Nandini Narayanan here, I would like to put in some extra notes on career prospects for foreign languages, especially Japanese in India.

I would like to give you the briefing on Career prospects of Japanese language step by step. Lets start from school level.

1. International school teaching: If you have learned Japanese language and have completed minimum 4 levels, you can apply for a teaching position in India at school levels. Level 4 Japanese language will mean that you have achieved the required proficiency to read, understand, speak and write in Japanese language. The proficiency is equivalent to saying, you are fluent and an expert level in this language and not at beginner or intermediate level. Completing level 4 will help you to qualify as a Japanese language teacher. International schools have international students who come all over the world. They facilitate such students in bringing foreign language teachers and in this respect such foreign language teachers are in high demand. According to your teaching experience, you can teach students at various grade level at school.

2. HR Recruitment: India is relatively new with this growing demand. It is expected that if a HR professional has certain foreign language skills, they can be assigned to handle expatriates. Expatriates are the persons who come in to India from foreign countries to work on their home country company's branch located in India. They spend a minimum of six months to several years until they complete the assigned project in India. Indian HR professionals who speak Japanese language can interview these Japanese experts in both English and Japanese to understand their ability in the role involved.

3. Corporate facility management: Similarly, the corporate facility management department coordinates with expatriates who come into India companies from their foreign branch to help them with housing, airport pick up, drop, family support and many.

4. Embassy: Learning foreign language can give you job prospects in embassy in India and abroad.

5. Voice over artist: This voice role is recently recognised in India. You can give voice for Japanese artists performing in a play or recorded in tape or DVD's.

6. Interpretor and translator: You can get work opportunities in content writing in Japanese language. Apart from that you can also do translation services for books written in Japanese languages.

Hope this helps.
Many thanks.

RE: What are the career prospects in japanese language?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear Aspirant, learning additional language other than Hindi and English, is very advantageous. And specially you are planning to learn an international language such as Japanese. Learning of any foreign language will definitely enhance your career prospectives as well as boost self esteem.
Please remember that Indian companies now adays are emerging as global players and Indian market is being eyes by multinationa companies, it becomes essential that there is no dearth of professionals who can overcome language barriers and facilitate smooth communication for proper business transactions.
By learning Japanese language you will also learn the culture of Japan, which will help you to understand the people and their traditional values.
By learning Japanese language you can work easily and comfortably in japan or japanese speaking society in any corner of the world. The language will help you to communicate easily with the prople.
Even in India also any one who knows japanese, can work in tourism sector, every year thousand of tourists visit our country. Person with knowledge of japanese can interact them and become their guide. In this way one can also earn good amount of money. Another aspect is also there that you may work in Japanese embasy.
Finally it depends upon your other academic career also. If you are in education line or you are an engineer and working in Japan, obviously, you will be given preference over to those persons who are technical but not having knowledge of Japanese.
Moreover, a person fluent in any foreign language can earn a good amount depending upon the experience and the organizarion. It depends where and on which post you are working. As a teacher, as a management perosanal or as an engineer the salary will be different but much higher waht one will earn in India.
THe main job opprotunities could be ;

Diplomatic service proffessional
Foreign language trainer
Translators in MNCs and Government organizations
Tourist guide
Air hostess/Air Steward
Hotel Officials / Attendants
Freelance writer / Translators
Public Relation Officer

ALl these jobs are reputable and earns lot of money. THe very important thigh is that what level of language knowledge a persn is having. One should be also fluent in writin, reading besides speaking.
Hope i have clarified it.

With you good luck...

RE: What are the career prospects in japanese language?

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