Vishnu Gurania

Which course is better after or but I want to join a good job which field will be better for me. plz help me

I hv cmpleted my in 2011 & in 2013.which course is better after or but I want to join a good job which field will be better for me. plz help me.

by Vishnu Gurania
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2 answers

RE: Which course is better after or but I want to join a good job which field will be better for me. plz help me

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
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Dear Vishnu,

Again very happy to see you approach for seeking guidance to your career development concern. I am happy that I am advising you for this.

You being in the commerce field, I feel very delighted to advice you since I also belong to the commerce field and having worked in the commerce field for years, I can surely tell you that this is wonderful field to work in with literally unlimited opportunities to learn and work.

After MCom, you definitely need to select a professional course. Gone are the days when people would come typical post graduation like MA, MCom, MSc and get a job and would keep working and earning handsome for life. Todays life and economy has become extremely competitive and challenging and dynamic. There fore its very necessary to get our selves ready to face these dynamic challenges and become competitive by acquiring employable skills and abilities.

As you may be already aware that commerce field is the field where there are numerous options available to choose from and therefore I can understand very much that getting confused or not able to decide which course to select, is possible. This is natural and therefore counsellors like us are help in need.

To select which course in commerce and that too of professional level, will be good for you, I would first request you to get a psychometric test done. This test is available with for an affordable cost and can be appeared at your home online. This test will tell you what are your strengths, weaknesses, interests, passion, likings, etc. Knowing all these aspects is very necessary since if you decide a course based on this, your career will be definitely successful, simply because of the fact that the career which you choose based on your interests and capability will suit you the most and you will be happy in that for years together.

As said earlier, commerce field is very big and its impossible and will be a mistake if you choose your career option in commerce randomly.

The upcoming fields in commerce are, investment banking, financial planning, wealth management, securities market, international business, etc.

Best Luck.

Dr. Anand Wadadekar
Discovering Careers India
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RE: Which course is better after or but I want to join a good job which field will be better for me. plz help me

Tywin Lynister
Tywin Lynister

 Yes I completely gree with Dr.  n nd 


Wish you ll the best!!

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