Which is the best university abroad for PHD in cytogenetics , kindly guide me how will I go through with it

Kindly guide me for the best universities abroad for PHD cytogenetics , I am Msc in cytogenetics , i wont mind gooing abroad for higher studies.

by Farhan
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RE: Which is the best university abroad for PHD in cytogenetics , kindly guide me how will I go through with it

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar
Verified Career Expert
  • Delhi

Cytogenetics is a field of genetics that deals with study of cell and chromosomes. Although there is no such program available but one can always opt for a PhD in Genetics, Molecular Biology or Cell Biology. Cytogenetics could be a specialization subject of PhD thesis. There are several universities and institutions that offer PhD in above discipline. Some institutions are listed below.

You need to have following qualifications for applying to these institutions.

1- GRE General Test<

2- GRE Subject Test (Biochem Cell and Molecular Biology)


For achieving a positions in top rated universities, you need to have a higher score in the above mentioned tests.

List of labs and Universities-

Prof. D. L. Nelson's Group

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA

Prof. J. Vermeesch' Group

Cytogenetics and Genome Research Lab.

KU Leuven, Germany

Dr. Nagesh Rao' Group

Cytogenetics, UCLA, USA

Prof . Charles Lee's Lab

Cytogenetics Research Lab

Harvard Medical School, USA

RE: Which is the best university abroad for PHD in cytogenetics , kindly guide me how will I go through with it

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

As you have done M.Sc in a specialized subject of biologica discipline and have wide scope in all the branches of biological research wheter it is eukaryotic, prokaryotic, or animal / plant sciences depends on your system of interest.
Before coming to the subject matter and specialization I must explain the technical paths for you which brings you not only USA rather you will reach to UK.Germany.East Asia or Offshore with a potential to claim the best in research word.

You have to qualify Gradaute Record Examination Test (GRE Test) or Test of English language proficiency (TOEFL) or Inernational English Language Testing System (IELTS) conducted by Education Testing Service exclusively recognized by Europe, USA and Australia to screen the aspirants based on stringent critera like anaalytical writing skill, critical writiing skill, Verbal reasoning and qauantitative testing.
These entrance tests will provide you the gateway to see these country either for your graduate or any employement at postgrad level. Merely obtaining a testimonial or certificate is not going to fullfill your dream it is a tough nut to crack in terms of high score, the benchmarking is quite variable for each country as per the norms of consulators of that particular country.

First you explore the available information regarding these tests and prepare, though it is not impossible for a student like you thousands of seats are being allocated and given study visa to pursue graduate fegree program (in india it is doctorate program) in different discipline. Several consultancies are vaialble claiming IELTS and study visa for you be awared of any future manhandling or cheating rather try yourself by registering online and see the entire procedure or contact your family friends/senior to help you in this regard.

Once you obtain the GRE/TOEFL/IELTS be ready to write a meaningful statement according to the available graduate positions and specializations in biology where you will see your cytogenetics as acommon interest from both side only then your application will be intertained further. After successful screeing you will be interviewed either telphonically or skype/videoconferencing etc then you will be intimated to process your study visa. Make sure you are given scholarship or bursery to support your cost of living and study otherwise difficult to survive there untill your family is not capable to bear the cost in dollors / euro/pounds etc.

For subject matter you can talk to us

Dr Manoj

RE: Which is the best university abroad for PHD in cytogenetics , kindly guide me how will I go through with it

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, many thanks for your question. Here you have not mentioned in which specialization you have done MSc cytogenetics, are you in medical or plant or general cytologist. Since you are MSc in cytogenetics, therefore you must be aware that for going abroad you have to pass certain examinations. These are GRE, TOEFL, IELTS. After passing these tests you can look for a good laboratory or group in any university or institute. There are many good groups who are working on cytogenetics.

1. Prude University, USA

2. University of Texas, USA

3. Emory University, Atlanta, USA

4. McGill University, Canada

5. Indiana University, USA

6. McMaster University, Canada

7. University of Nebraska, USA

8. Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan

9. The University of Illinois, USA

10. University of Connecticut, USA

Genetics Scientists

The above mentioned universities offer cytogenetics specialization in human, plants and general aspects. You may choose the subject as per your choice. Here I would like to suggest that you may pursue PhD in cytogenetics by conducting research in it. It means, if you do not make it to admission in PhD in cytogenetics, even then you can pursue your research in cytogenetics field. Therefore, you may get admission in PhD molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Human Biology, Human Genetics, Genetics (Agricultural or General), Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering and many more disciplines.

Since you are MSc in cytogenetics, therefore, here I would like to suggest you that you should publish your MSc research work into a good journal. It will help you to get admission in doctoral program. Infact the cytogenetics is the specialization in a subject, that you carry out doing research work on it. If you publish a couple of research papers on cytogenetics, then your dream of being cytologist or doing PhD in cytology will be fulfilled. This you may can do even by doing PhD in othet related subjects.

Let me give you my example, I have done MSc and PhD in Microbiology from agricultural university, India. During my masters degree program, I have done research work on methanogenesis and during PhD program I have done research on plant-microbe-interaction aspects. For a couple of years I worked on plant-microbe-interaction aspects, later I switched over my research field and now I am working on Environmental Microbiology. I have guided and guiding students on environmental and bioremediation aspects. I do have now many research papers on environmental aspects.

Therefore, you should target any university abroad for PhD in related subject but must carry out research work on cytogenetics.

With all my best wishes

Good Luck..

RE: Which is the best university abroad for PHD in cytogenetics , kindly guide me how will I go through with it

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I appreciate your take to PhD level abroad. You are already qualified to the initial stages of doing a PhD abroad, as you hold a Bachelors and Masters degree as the minimum requirement.

In principle, if you are considering for a PhD admission at the USA Universities you are required to follow up these steps:
  • Get your scanned copies of certificates and transcripts right from 10th, 12th, Bachelors and MSc level preferably in a PDF format. If you could also get the copies attested by the respective institutions, it will be of a great help.
  • Write a personal statement - This statement should explain you as a person with interests, career ambitions, why PhD, why particularly Cytogenetics, do you like to explore on any topic in detail as part of your PhD and why so, and finally why do you like to study particularly at that university.
  • Obtain sealed two recommendation letters. These letters should be obtained from your MSc tutors and typed on the University official headed paper plus stamped and sealed.
  • GRE scores. You should appear for the GRE general exam or subject exam (depending on the university requirement) and obtain the score report. Scan the score report and send it along with the application or upload it online.
  • TOEFL - This is an English language test and you should pass the test with a reasonably high score of 100+ out of 120 to be placed at top USA universities.

So the top USA universities are Stanford University, Harvard University, University of California Berkeley, University of California San Diego, Yale University, Cornell University and University of Southern California.

If you would like to apply for the UK Universities, then you are required to follow the first three steps as said above for USA universities. Apart from this the fourth and fifth steps are different.
  • You dont require a GRE for the UK. This might relax you but you are required to write down a research proposal of minimum 1000 to 3000 words explaining on the topic you are interested to research. The word limit varies with universities but the minimum is 1000 and maximum is 3000. Please check on the individual university website to understand their PhD proposal format.
  • Finally the IELTS test: This is similar to the TOEFL and taking up this test you are required to score a minimum of 6.0 for low and medium ranked universities and a minimum of 7.0 or above for the top ranked. Some of the top UK Universities for this course are: University of Oxford, University College London, Imperial college London, kings College London, University of Glasgow, University of Nottingham, University of Manchester, University of Bristol and University of Edinburgh. Hope this helps. Please write back if you require any further info. Good luck with admissions.

RE: Which is the best university abroad for PHD in cytogenetics , kindly guide me how will I go through with it

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