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Aditi Agarwal – Dreams to become a lawyer

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Aditi Agarwal – Dreams to become a lawyer

Aditi Agarwal

Usually, the time after 10th grade and 12th grade is the most stressful for students. Both the times involve choosing a career path, and most students are not very sure of what they want to become in life. Often, students are not aware of the pros and cons of different streams and careers. Most times, they get their information from friends or family. With career guidance, they are able to get guidance on different fields and careers Aditi Aggarwal – a student . She aspires to become lawyer but was not pretty confident about it .After taking CareerGuide‘s assistance, she found the confidence in her dreams. This is what Aditi has to say.

Aditi after seeing her Psychometric assessment Report, found that her future is in law and she is keenly interested to pursue the same in future. The guidance session attended by her is very helpful to her in choosing the correct path to reach her dreams.

The psychometric test created by CareerGuide has benefited her in choosing the correct field according to her personality. She was very happy to see the result of her aptitude test and found that she can be a good lawyer.

Psychometric Test:

Psychometric tests attempt to objectively measure aspects of your mental ability or your personality. These tests aim to measure attributes like intelligence, aptitude and personality. Psychometric testing covers a wide range of skills, interests and values of people and can be of use in career guidance in different ways. For example, the information won from such tests can be of help for the professionals who mentor, coach or guide individuals. With psychometric testing, there is no pass or fail, but the quality of the information won from the tests can vary. Psychometric testing uses in-depth psychological profiles to assess personality and intellectual levels. Different test companies use different theoretical approaches to testing, such as the psychometric approach.

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