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A R Rahman – An Inspirational Career Story

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Introduction :

Allah Rakha Rehman or A R Rahman is today India’s most successful and celebrated Music Director. A R Rahman has brought Indian Music to the world and has in turn brought World Music to the stagnating Indian Musical Scene. He has shown that Music has no boundaries and that any musical style and any musical instrument can be used in a composition and has thus truly made divine Global music. His recent exploits in Hollywood has also made him one of the most sought after and respected Musicians in the World.


  • Degree in Western Classical Music from Trinity college of Music


  • National Film Awards
  • Padma Shri in 2000
  • Filmfare,IIFA etc
  • Mauritius National Award
  • GoldenGlobe Awards
  • BAFTA and Oscars
  • Grammy Awards

Career :

  •  A R Rahman started his career at a young age of 11 when he joined as a keyboardist in Music Director Ilayaraja’s troupe. He played in the orchestra of M S Vishwanathan Ramesh Naidu and Raj Koti, accompanied Zakir Hussain, Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan and L. Shankar on world tours
  • A R Rahman started a small music recording and mixing studio called Panchathan Record Inn in 1992 in his own backyard. Today it is one of the most advanced recording studio in India. His initial projects were advertisement jingles and scores for Television shows and documentaries.
  • In 1992, he would rise to instant fame after his first film project Roja, directed by Mani Ratnam became a national hit with its music being one of the biggest factor.
  • In 2006, A R Rahman launched his own music label KM music. Its first project was for the film Sillunu Oru Kaadhal. K M Music is intended to distribute music recorded in the Panchathan studio in Chennai to large music companies like Sony.
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  • A R Rahman became a truly Global Musician when his music started featuring in popular Hollywood movies as well as in other western music albums. A R Rahman’s music has gained global notoriety with his Bombay theme being used in the famous Nicholas Cage film, Lord of War and also for a French mineral water ad starring Zinadine Zidane. His other works have been used be middle eastern singers and French D J’s as well as for Japanese movies.
  • In 2008, brought A R Rahman his greatest achievement with the Golden Globe as well Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire. With this award he has put Indian Music on the Global Platform.
  • A R Rahman won over the Hindi Audience with his work on Ram Gopal Varma’s Rangeela, Dil Se, Taal etc

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Be A Student: 

A R Rahman is famous for his continuous pursuit of Music. He is one of the few Musicians who have dabbled in multiple forms of Music from various nations and cultures. He is an avid listener of International music and a eager student as well. A R Rahman always tries to include new unexplored music styles and instruments in his compositions. Experimenting and always learning something new. He has succeeded because of this constant development of his Musical Capabilities which in turn always manages to add freshness to every new composition.

Expand Your Horizon:

A R Rahman is not someone who prefers in dwelling in the familiar or working in the same style of music . He is always expanding his boundaries, picking up challenging and exciting projects which may involve him learning an unfamiliar musical style or make him use a novel instrument etc. Unlike many of his peers he doesn’t have a notable style or a familiar theme for his music and has dealt with varying musical styles in the same film from one composition being Sufi while another being a Mandarin composition etc.


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