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Concern over International board resolved for students in Prudence International School

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Prudence International School adopting international boards of education

Advancements in education system has bought several changes in the way students are taught now. Many schools have adopted global methods of teaching. Along with this, many schools have gone to the extent of adopting international boards of education providing a global outlook to their students. This gives their education an international perspective and a level of teaching which has been adopted by many developed countries.

Prudence International School, situated in Panvel, is one of the highly recognised international school which is committed to providing a global standard of education and culture to the students. The school has been ranked best among all the IGSCE and A-level schools in Maharashtra. The boarding cum day school inculcates different values among the students such as freedom, eco-friendliness, social awareness and community outreach. The school encourages students to follow the path pf morality. The curriculum of the school is designed in a way that students can understand the inter-relatedness among the subjects taught and can apply them in their practical lives. The school believes that it develops a deeper understanding of the important concepts which have local as well as global significance.

The school is dedicatedly working to help students realise their full potential. To help the student, understand their career paths, the schools organised a career counselling event along with The event took place in the school premises and was open to all the students of Class 11th and 12th. The session primarily focused on career exploration, the scope of different career options and college admissions. The students were first given career assessment tests which followed a session of one to one counselling with the career counsellor. will be helping all the students who participated in the event for one complete year and will be providing them regular mentorship so that they can select the right career path for themselves.


Prudence International School adopting international boards of education

The session revealed several areas of concern for the students who are studying in International boards. Many of the colleges have different parameters of selection and they have at times unspecified criteria for those students who have done their 12th from international boards. This poses problems for many students who have done studies on international boards. Students at times worry about their admissions and future career due to their unawareness about the procedure that has to be followed with international boards. This was also the major question among the students of Prudence International School.

The counsellors from catered to the queries of students regarding the scope of different careers and how they can proceed on to them through international board studies. Students were advised on how they can take admission in different fields through entrance examinations. One on one counselling was specifically done to understand the aims and goals of the student individually and guide them according to their international board studies.

This session helped the students to understand the importance of the way they are taught and how school and their teachers can help them in achieving their goals. Students were also advised on the scope of different career options, and colleges that provide courses of their individual interests. In addition, doubts of students were cleared about career streams and they were clarified about the scope of those career options. The session was regarded a great success by students as well as the school as it cleared the path of future for the students.

The school and are determined to help the students and provide them mentor ship in future as well whenever they need it. This will guarantee a sound decision by the students regarding their career.


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