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Career Guiance provided Aman with job clarity and helped him find his goals

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There are many students in the country which do a course, like a course but still have no idea of how they can use it for their career. Often these students are misguided by their peers and advisors of taking up a field which does not suit their further ambitions. This creates a difficult journey for the students who have little information about the future scope of their courses. Many students end up in career fields which are not satisfying for them and many others fall in the traps of traditional career options. With the advancement in technology, there are more opportunities in the current time but many students are unaware of them and thus remain unable to explore their career options for a better future. These students require expert advice which is up to date and can guide them for a great future ahead according to their skills and aspirations.

Career Guidance provided Aman with job clarity and helped him find his goals

Aman Verma

Hardware & Networking , Engineer

Aman’s Career Dilemma

  •  Aman Verma was not confident about his career goals and the type of job he could get after hardware and networking course
  •  Aman found about CareerGuide when jetking invited CareerGuide to organize career guidance for students.
  •  He acknowledges the positive effects of career guidance stating that he achieved the right level of job role clarity before it could get too late.

How Helped Him

  •  HR skill index  assessment gave him an insight about the soft skills required in the working environment. In his case it was, broadening up his understanding on employability.
  • Talking to the career expert he gained knowledge about the types of networking jobs, job outlook and right fit role for himself after his course completion.
  •  Aman got placed in to two companies immediately after. Currently, he is working in tech support at BSES

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Aman got to know about career counselling through an event where was invited for mentoring

A similar story was hold by Aman Verma. He was very much enthusiastic about the course of hardware and networking. He finished the course with a good percentage. However, he had no idea what his goals were after the course. He was unable to decide on how he should shape his career further. He could not decide what was best for him at that stage. Out of luck, he attended an event organized by Jetking and where was invited to tell students about career counseling and they could be benefited by it. Aman then searched more about the process of career counselling and also talked to the team of to ascertain that he needed career counselling to decide his future goals.

Career expert at advised him to take a HR skill index test. This test helped him to understand what soft skills he required in a working environment and also advised him about how he could develop those soft skills. The test was mainly taken to broaden his understanding and employability. After the test, he was told about the report that he got from the test and he was given knowledge about the types of networking jobs. He was further informed about the job outlook, and the right fit for himself in a job role after his course completion. He was also given knowledge about he should develop his skills and how he could take benefit of his inherent talents.

Career Guidance helped Aman to focus in the right direction and achieve success in his goals

The results of career counselling were quite satisfying for Aman. He became confident about his future goals and he realised that he had a clear future map now. The results were evident when after the course completion Aman secured full time job into big companies which offered a job of his choice. Currently, he is working in a company named BSES as a technical support. Aman acknowledges that helped him to realize his right fit at the right time. If he had been even a little late, he could have lost a chance to secure good placements and a secured future. Aman attributes his success to the right career guidance that was provided to him without any bias and prejudice.

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