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Psychometric Assessment, a Self Career Counselling Tool

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Career Counselling is considered to be one of the most vital areas in the present world. The job domain has witnessed remarkable changes in all these years. The stereotypical public sector jobs are becoming rare. Interestingly, the meteoric rise of the corporate sector is actually a new eye opener for all. Thus internet literacy and sound digital knowledge has become call of the day. There has been huge demand for skilled manpower and job aspirants are surely not missing this cut at all.

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Whether a person is capable or not for the new genre of professions, psychometric assessment tests are considered to be ideal game changers, which can automatically gauge eligibility or employability of job aspirants. Psychometric assessment tests have thus become some sort of ‘mandatory’ benchmarking stuff, having profound impact not only on the individuals but public and private organizations as well.

Before going into various facets of psychometric assessment, the meaning of psychometric testing has to be understood first. ‘Psycho’ itself indicates affairs or happenings related to the mind. And ‘metrics’ certainly deals with the associated measurement. Thus the word ‘psychometric assessment test‘ deals with measurement with regard to mind. In other words it can be said that psychometric assessment deals with gauging an individual with regard to particular skill. That particular skill can be referred to verbal or non-verbal reasoning or logical or quantitative aptitude as well. Psychometric assessment is actually a procedure of psychometric profiling where the target or aim is to form a dedicated and honest picture of an individual, which will not only give an indication of values or personality or occupational interests.


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No doubt, all over the world, psychometric assessment is a standardized test which is not only recognized all over the world, but also undertaken by the HR professionals in big conglomerates, as a mode or procedure to screen the job applicants or job aspirants. In other words, the need of psychometric assessment underlines the fact that it clearly forms a benchmark on its own as an unbiased parameter of individual growth and development, forming a standard in case of employability. Let’s not think that psychometric assessment tests are narrowed only in case of job aspirants. Even in case of working professionals, the psychometric assessment tests are basic indicators of growth or development in the career front. Now the question is, whether psychometric assessment tests can be used or employed in self career guidance or not.

Self assessment itself is indeed one of the toughest things in the world. There is no denying the fact that self assessment is a more useful tool to assess oneself rather than approaching to a career counselor. With results of psychometric assessment test, individuals can have glimpse or idea of his oneself or the progress in the whole process. The beauty of the psychometric tests has been its ability to point out the strengths and shortcomings of concerned individual. Side by side, the psychometric assessment tests remain an honest speaker or mirror like view to approve of the career plans already planned by the concerned individual. The biggest advantage with regard to this self career Counselling tool is, it also assures the individual or motivates in the long run. Significantly enough, psychometric assessment tests are indeed trustworthy and psychologists consider it to be not only an effective tool but also an integral aspect to growth and development of individual careers.


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