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Tips for Successful Career Planning?

by Vivek Negi
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RE: Tips for Successful Career Planning?

Love Chopra
Love Chopra
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Start early

If you know ahead of time that you need to make a choice you can get benefits of planning ahead. It is always good to know and explore about your career at an early age.

Investigate and explore

Always do proper research on the career you are taking up. Something that looks appealing from outside may not be your ultimate calling. So do a thorough research before you take the leap!

Understand yourself

Since work takes up most time having no interest in it would mean an unhappy and unproductive you! So, take a moment to ask “what do I enjoy? What are my interests?”

Plan your career annually

As we visit eye doctor and dentist and do many other things on an annual basis, so why not career planning? By making career planning an annual event, you will feel more secure about your career choice and direction.

Reflect and evaluate

Reflect and evaluate about your choice. Consider how comfortable you are with the choices you’ve made; talk to the counselor about your selections. Tell your family about your selections.

Talk self-assessment

Do take up a career assessment at least once in your life time that would help you identify your strengths, potential weaknesses. It would also help you define skills and personal characteristics so that you can target opportunities that match talents and interests.

Take part in activities

Have fun and participate in campus life, but that doesn’t just

Mean the party life. Consider joining extra-curricular activities that support your career aspirations.

Keep in touch

It’s good to keep in touch with people more experienced that you .you should talk to them about career opportunities available, it will help you get that basic idea of the work involved in the career.

Seek professional help

Career advice by a counselor can change your life for the best. With the emergence of the new sector, there could be many opportunities’ you might be unaware of. To understand about more options one should go for career counseling.

RE: Tips for Successful Career Planning?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

First of all, there are no equations for having a successful career. Therefore the answer to your question of tips is very apt in that way. Only tips, advises and suggestions can be given however they would be based on experience and knowledge.

I would list some of the tips for successful career planning:

1. Choose careers and not courses. Traditionally, students and parents first look at the courses and then choose careers, which is incorrect. Once you decide your career option, then look for courses which can help you get into that career and job subsequently.

2. Get your self scientifically assessed in terms of aptitude, emotional quotient, innate abilities and skills, inclination & interests. This can be done through a psychometric test from CareerGuide.

3. Do not choose careers just on the basis of Intelligence Quotient (IQ). IQ alone cannot make full careers. IQ is the indication of your academic and mental power, which is not the same for all. Compliment it with emotional power to make good careers.

4. Do not have short term goal in a career. Plan for long term career.

5. Do not have money/salary as the parameter to choose a particular career option.

6. Get yourself expert in English language, communication skills, numerical skills which are required by the industry.

Best wishes

RE: Tips for Successful Career Planning?

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