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Solution to all CAT woes-iQuanta

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These days, many students look for management studies and CAT has been a major admission test for those students. The test not only tests the aptitude level of the student but also logical reasoning and English language. Every year around 2 lakh students appears for the exam. The exam is highly competitive and required rigorous practice and understanding. There are many educational institutes that provide coaching on various subjects of the exam. Some of the start-ups have also entered this field to help the students crack the exam.

One of the very popular website among the student is that of iQuanta. The company was launched in the year 2015 and since then has helped many students to get good marks. The company provides courses on different topics of CAT and also helps students through problem-solving. There are several modules which are free of cost and can help students to achieve in-depth understanding. The company was founded by Indrajeet Singh who has been working on the concept for many years. The faculty of iQuanta is highly knowledgeable and it has proved itself in CAT 2015 examination when the faculty achieved 100 percentile in LRDI section and 99+ percentile in VA. The website of IQuanta receives a lot of free content which are very helpful for the students using them.


iQuanta Students that qualify CAT


iQuanta has proved itself in just one year of starting operations. The company has given astounding results in CAT 2015. 2 students scored 100 percentile and one of the very popular 100 percentiler of 2015 CAT, Prateek Bajpai is also a student of iQuanta. Not only this, but 17 students scored a 99.6+ percentile in CAT and more than 100 students scored 95+ percentile. Detailed results can also be found on the website. The students also fared very well in other exams. In IIFT 2015, 35 students from iQuanta got selected.

The team has left no stone unturned to help the students. The team of iQuanta also runs a fb group by the name of ‘CAT Preparation’. This is mainly run by Indrajeet and his core team. It is the largest CAT preparation group on FB with 1,22,000+ members. The forum helps the new students to take help from previous years’ toppers, iQuanta faculty, and peers.


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Many students have posted their stories about iQuanta and one of the most popular ones is that of Abhishek Singh. The student says that he took some study material from a popular coaching institute but what helped him was the content on iQuanta. Even without taking any paid course, the student scored 99.85 percentile which he attributes to the faculty of iQuanta. The student admits that there are much more students who have benefited from iQuanta like him. But they are not technically so because they chose for the free content.

Abhishek Singh also tells about his IIM Calcutta interview. He was asked some very tricky questions which he answered very gracefully. He recalls that impressed by his answers, one of the interviewers asked him from where he prepared for the interview. The interviewer was also quite amazed to know that he had not joined any coaching institute and instead followed a website which was new to them. Abhishek wholeheartedly dedicates his success to the team of iQuanta. Apart from that, he said that he used to read a lot of articles, books, and Quora.


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