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St. Columbas School’s initiative towards shaping the career of their students.

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St Columbas School, a CBSE school run by the Christian Brothers and currently headed by the principle, Brother EL Miranda, mainly focuses on wholesome education. By this they mean, that students must not only be encouraged in the classroom but must be exposed towards the needs of the society and should be involved in the upliftment of the society. Apart from their involvement towards the society, the school also focuses on

upliftment in their campus itself. Hence they have started a cell, known as the Inclusive Education, which focuses on the differently abled section of the students. The school also focuses on the overall development of the child, focusing on their emotional and mental wellbeing and hence has the Counseling department, headed by Ms. Aarti Bardhan.

Aaarti being the school counselor not only addresses the issues faced by students personally but also helps them in terms of their studies and career needs. While being approached with few students about How to choose a career? or which is the right way to choose a career? She decided that expert advice to students from career counselors would do the magic. This is when Career guide team was called in by the school authorities. To know more about the school, check:

Career Guide, a well know Institute which is an online as well as an offline Career counseling centre located at Delhi, is well known for its career sessions and seminars and its unique style in approaching the sensitive issue relating to a childs career. With an expert team from various backgrounds ready to help students, Career guide was founded and is the brain child of Ms. Surabhi Dewra who on her own conducts the session and answers queries too. Thus Surabhi herself with her experienced Counselor  Mr. Vikram Soni, reached the school campus to interact with the students. Mr. Vikram, a counselor with Career guide, is an example himself as to how passion and knowing ones abilities or potentials can make a difference in ones career in the future. Being a Commerce Graduate, but having a  passion for education, he started his career as  a counselor, guiding students online as well as offline and has now over 12 years experience in the field with an award,” Best Career Expert 2016” in his kitty. For more information, check:

The school authorities in sync with career guide, decided to make the career session an interesting one for students and hence decided on a 3 days long sessions, which was divided into:

Day 1: An Interactive session focusing on Motivating students towards choosing the right career

Day 2: Administering the Psychometric Assessment

Day 3: One on one Counseling session with the detailed report with students and parents

Day 1: An Interactive session focusing on Motivating students towards choosing the right career

As decided, the session started with an interactive session with students of class 10th, an over enthusiastic lot. This time, the team decided to interact with students but in a different manner. It was more of a Motivational session, whereby Real life examples of professionals who have made it big in the industry were presented as well as students were asked to cite examples from their own life, whereby not knowing their own traits landed them into a problem. Since it was a motivational session, just highlighting strengths and passion was not enough, but we also stressed on how one could identify their strengths and make optimum use of it to achieve their goals. Also how knowing ones own potentials was the best way to choose a career and its benefits in the long run. The session started by asking students a simple question,” What’s your plan?. To this one question, were added many more right from

  • How do you think you can achieve the plan?
  • What are the traits required to achieve the plan?
  • Do you have the required traits to achieve the target?

The students were then exposed to real life videos of two prominent personalities, who started from scratch and made it to the sky, just by knowing and believing in their potentials. Everyone was thrilled to see Rajat Sharma, who brought all top personalities from various fields right from politics to sports to films etc to a convict state in front of the common man.

But was it really an easy start for him?. He began his career as an editor but was aware of his oratory or debating skill which made the difference. Not only the pen but his tongue too worked like a sword, which helped him land where he is today. Only because he knew his strengths, his potentials and worked towards it and hence he is successful where he is today.

Another well known personality, who started from scratch and pursued his interest with zeal and perseverance without letting frustration seep in, is Sundar Pichal, the CEO of Google.

From his venture, we learn that one needs to identify his strengths, interest and must have consistency if one wishes to be successful. Nothing can be achieved in a short period of time. Being consistent with a burning passion is the key.

Both prominent and well known personalities, teach us that career must be chosen keeping in mind ones interest, potentials, and persistence is needed to reach the goal chosen. Dream big and have the power to achieve them refraining from any obstacles on the way.

The videos geared up the students to know more on how to identify their strengths, their line of interest and potentials. Here is where they were introduced to Psychometric Assessment.  Psychometric Assessment or Aptitude tests as they are popularly called are well researched tools that are based on factors that drive humans and are clinically proven. These tests identify certain traits that guide the functioning of humans, pinpointing the exact nature and thereby identifying ones innate potentials, which form the basic guidelines defining why and how we behave and why we all are different. Identifying ones innate potentials helps one easily make a choice without having to hop around much.

The day ended with students going back with a question, are they on the real track when it comes to choosing a career? This question would be answered during the next day, while administering the Aptitude test.

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