Dilemma in choosing the MBA stream and my field of interest

I have completed my Engineering in 2013 from UPTU in Mechanical Engineering and started doing job in an HVAC company but I am not satisfy with my job and wanted to do MBA.But I did not have any self confidence although my Mathematics is quite good ( I got 94 and 98 marks in maths in X and XII class) . So I request you to guide me as I am feeling very stressed these days

by Rahul
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4 answers

RE: Dilemma in choosing the MBA stream and my field of interest

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear friend....

First of all thank you for coming to CareerGuide.com with your query and asking your query to us , it is always our pleasure to answer you and help and guide you in the best possible way we could.

Coming to your query that you did btech in mechanical engineering and currently doing a job and you are not satisfied with your job, planning for mba due to lack of confidence you are unable decide though you are good in maths subject.

I would say first of all stop getting worried and think about your future with a positive attitude, have patience every thing is going good in your life than why to worry so much, here people are there who are job less and still full enthusiastic about their career.

Next thing is try to enjoy your work what ever you are doing than satisfaction will come automatically, it is all about your way of looking the things, just make a learning attitude and try to see it as a real learning experience you are getting and life will become more simpler.

Coming to your idea of MBA i would say nothing wrong in going for higher studies you can go for it, as you are good in maths it will be easy for you to score good in quantitative part of the paper, but apart from quant so many other sections are there like english comprehension, general awareness, logical reasoning etc for which you need little preparations and than you can clear that part too with good scores.

For going to do MBA you need to give entrance exams like CAT MAT etc after that if you are scoring good percentile like 98 99 percentile than it will be easy for you to go to top colleges of India like IIM indian institute of management. than only it is good other wise going to any local college leaving your job is waste according to me. If any how you are leaving job for some thing than at least aim high.

Hope you got the answer for your query and will think what is now correct and good for you as go for it as nothing is impossible just the right attitude and hard work is required than no one acn stop you from reaching your deserving place

Thank you

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RE: Dilemma in choosing the MBA stream and my field of interest

Sugant R
Sugant R
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor/ Subject Matter Expert in Management
  • Bangalore

Hi friend,

You are not the only one who is in this situation/ predicament. Please be rest assured that there are thousands of engineering graduates who are confused and dissatisfied with their job after they complete their engineering. I am sure you will get clarity at the end of confusion.

To start with, ascertain why you are dissatisfied with your job. Is it because of
1. your salary (in your opinion it is too low)
2. working conditions (may be shift or long working hours or in the shop floor or in the field)
3. your boss (a tough one)
4. the company you are working in (a small/ medium size company)
5. Nature of job (very technical and it does not excite you).

If the reason for your dissatisfaction is anything between 1-4, then you can try to gain a minimum of 1-2 years experience in the present company and then look for a better job in a better company.

If the reason for your dissatisfaction is 5, then surely MBA is the answer, since this will help you get out of technology and into management.

Based on your capability, if you are good with nos. (as you said you are great with Math), you can choose MBA in finance and if you are game for challenge and looking for great reward commensurate with efforts, you can choose MBA in marketing.

Once you decide to pursue MBA, ideally, you must pursue the same in top 20 institutes, which is easier said than done. You could also pursue in tier 2 institutes located in metros like Delhi NCR/ Bangalore which would give you better placement opportunities.

All the best!

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RE: Dilemma in choosing the MBA stream and my field of interest

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello There My Dear...

Choosing an MBA stream and the field of interest is not an easy job for many. Therefore I would suggest that do not worry instead feel good that you have made the right decision to approach CareerGuide for getting the guidance and clarification. I am sure that the experts here will be able to provide a workable solution to your dilemma.

Firstly, you being a Mechanical Engineer and just entered the job market. I would like to ask, how did you decide within a year that you are not happy with the job you have got? Please understand my dear that one should not expect quick results and success in the job.

Secondly, Why would you like to do an MBA? Do you feel that MBA always is an answer to problems or means to get promotion or change of jobs? This is not so my dear in reality.

I would like you to really and seriously find out the MAIN REASON behind your feeling that you are not enjoying your job and about MBA course.

An Engineer doing an MBA course does not necessarily remain in the engineering field. If you do MBA Marketing, you may be sent to sell credit card, home loans, products, etc. Now this is not related to your engineering at all. MBA Finance does not necessarily give you job in manufacturing company but generally gives in retail, finance, banking, insurance sector. Now this also is not related to your engineering.

If at all you wish to do an MBA you need to do it in "Operations".

Best Luck

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RE: Dilemma in choosing the MBA stream and my field of interest

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Doing an MBA is extremely advantageous for ones personal and professional development and I can assure you that you have taken the very right decision in your career. So please be confident that you are going on the right path in your career. Many students dont feel confident about MBA because they are unsure if they are deciding something right for life, afraid of life after MBA, afraid of managing finances to study an MBA, and afraid of getting jobs after an MBA. All these questions tend to revolve so often into the minds of students and therefore thinking about all these factors they get confused so much and lose confidence thinking if MBA is right for them. In fact when I completed my bachelors and had plans to study a masters, I had all these confusions. So when I thought of studying a masters I too well thought of each of these questions and gave answers to myself, and then I gained confidence to study it. Similarly I tell, living life is once so be dare to do anything you like to do/ study.

You are very good in mathematics and this is the greatest strength for an MBA student. If you are confident of your numerical skills then you can rock your MBA. Students who are not confident of maths often choose non-mathematical subjects in MBA where as you can choose mathematical core in your MBA syllabus. As you have already studied a BE mechanical degree, you are suitable for three subjects in your MBA.

1. Operations management - Operations management is a core mathematical business oriented subject and studying this you can be working as operations manager at any industry or manufacturing company. Operations manager are highly prestigious role and are very demanding these days. These managers draw a starting salary of a minimum of 5.5lakh per annum. They understand the basic operations and calculate and work accordingly.

2. Marketing management - it again involves mathematical skills and goes well with engineering and mechanical background. Completing you can work for any company as a marketing manager and in fact choose to work for manufacturing and mechanical companies itself.

3. Supply chain management - This is teh third best option for mechanical graduates as you will learn more about the transportation systems and functions in moving products from one place to another.

All these modules are widely available for an MBA students and you can choose any of the three. Hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: Dilemma in choosing the MBA stream and my field of interest

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