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Class 12 or the end of the years of schooling or junior college is itself the testimony to the seriousness it carries along with it, as students, now choose their career options, streamlining within their chosen streams in order to satisfy their academic pursuits. The article will focus on the 8 key Reasons to go for career counselling after class 12.

Decision-making year

Yes, the most crucial year of a student’s life after he or she has selected their stream in their class 10. A career guidance will definitely help in making a career decision once they move out of school. As life changes to a great extent after class 12, one getting professional advice will eventually help them in building their future better.

Career Selection

We all know the importance of selection of a right career in order to safeguard our future and succeed in our lives. Now, choosing a career can be more cumbersome than what it looks like. There could be many career options which might not be known to many people but a certified counsellor will definitely help you out with their knowledge and experiences to choose the best career option for you.

Helps in alleviating confusions regarding career


If anybody is confused about what career should they choose, a career counsellor will be the best solution to opt for in that case. A career counsellor will examine you by a test known as Psychometric Tests, viz. they will determine which career option suits best for you depending on your set of skills and interests. They will let you know all the possible career options that suits your personality and your stream, which you choose right after class 10. There are many of us who may not be confused but remain doubtful between two career options, career counselling can also eliminate those confusions and suggest you the best out of the two options.

Avoid peer pressure or social pressure


A very common yet non-identifying pressure which is faced by a lot of students is the peer pressure or the social pressure. As the word suggests, peer pressure basically means selecting a career option based on what your peers or friends choose, despite the fact that, the career option may not be the ideal one. Few students face social or societal pressure, be it from their own family or relatives. For example, in India, choosing engineering is sort of a superior career than choosing any other career option. However, engineering is not everyone’s cup of tea and thus a career counsellor mentors you towards the best career option for you and also helps you in avoiding ant kind of social pressure.

Knowing yourself before choosing a career

As every student step into a completely different atmosphere after class 12, knowing oneself becomes very much important. By knowing, it means knowing their area of interests, knowing their strengths and their weaknesses. There are different personality tests available which are conducted by certified counsellors based on which, a complete report of student’s personality is given. This will not only assess them but it will give them a flair idea to work on their weak areas and keep their strengths intact.

Open door to new opportunities


Many of us don’t know about the new age coming career options in all possible streams which are well known to professional guiders and hence opting for counselling will never be a futile experience even for those who are pretty confident over their stream. Opening gateways to new options will not only enable students to choose the field where they could excel but also will increase knowledge about the current market trends and the value of their degree.

Colleges and Cities

The most important and yet life-changing factor is choosing colleges and what all facts to be kept in mind while choosing a college or a city for their degree. The college rankings vary differently depending on their criteria and thus it makes it more difficult for a student to select the best college from the basket. A counsellor helps out by suggesting the best yet most feasible college depending on one’s interest and choice of degree. They could also help you in preparation for the entrance or interview rounds to get into the college. Thus, opting for a career counselling comes out to be very crucial before blindly selecting a college.

Five years down the lane in Career


The most important hidden caveat is the value of our degree in near future. What will be its market value after 5 years? What kind of job will my degree fetch? Will I be satisfied with the work I will get after finishing my college? Yes, all these questions definitely cross one’s mind, even if not in the beginning of the college but definitely towards the end of one’s degree. In order to negate all these doubts and to be on a safer side, a career counselling is suggested, which will provide students about all the necessary details and facts about their degree which is hard to find in internet.

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So this is the end of the post 8 Reasons to go for Career Counselling after Class 12. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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